Is your makeup wardrobe tired? This is how you need to shop.

Is you makeup tired? Here are my tips on updating your face wardrobe.
1. Pull out everything that you have and make a list so that you don't buy things that you don't need. In other words no one other than drag queens, MAC girls and me need 7 purple eye shadows. Right now is a good time to throw away a lot, get rid of anything that you have had for a few months. If the product smells or is dried out trash it. If your finger touches the actual product and you have had it for a few months, ditch it. Old mascaras need to be out of there. Sharpen pencils, wash your brushes and get a new makeup bag. If you have pressed powders, think eye shadows and blush, get some alcohol and spray a small amount on the top and little scrape off the old so that you get down to the new product. Dip lipsticks in alcohol and scrape them until they are new. Make your list off of what you need and what your collection is missing. Now lets go shopping!
2. Wanna try drugstore? Look in the Sunday paper (Chicago Tribune of course) and see what the sales are at Walgeens, CVS and Target. You can get great savings if you shop this way. WARNING!!! If you do buy one get one free and hate the product then you really aren't saving a dime. If you end up with something that you do not like from a drugstore you can return it or you can save it and use it for something else. Blush sucks? Try using it as eyeshadow or on the lips! The foundation you purchased is to light or dark? Use it as a mixer so when you skin changes in the summer or goes pale this winter you can control the color of your foundation. I mix colors in the palm of my hand depending on my skin color. This is a great money saver.
3. You want the goods? Like the real goods? Go to a department store. You want to try new things? Check the department store near you and see what lines are "In Gift." A lot of cosmetic companies do this a few times a year so that you can try new things. This is a great way to get a lot for very little. You might need to shop around a bit but, you can find a gift if you want one. A lot of people go in during events that counters have but, those are crowded and usually hectic. What you really want is all of the attention on you so that you can get what you need. You work hard for that money, get the right products. Go in to sit down with someone on a Monday or Tuesday (during the day is the best but if you can not make it during the day night works as well as long as it is at least 2 hrs before the store closes.) The reason, all retail is so slow right now that you will get a lot of attention because you could be the only costumer that they see that day. Now your thinking... what is the right brand? To be honest they all have something amazing about them. I have my fave products but for the most part you can pick any line! If you are totally clueless look at the seasonal adds that are on the counters and see which look appeals to you. Tell the person at the counter that you are in the market for 3 things (name the 3 things ie. Lip gloss or skincare) then ask if they have time to sit you down and show you there fave products from the line. This person lives with those products so they know whats new and they know how to use it. Watch them apply so that you can do the look at home. Ask a lot of questions and don't think that you sound stupid, that is why they are the expert. You can even have them make a step by step face chart. Do not let the person lie to you, they have the time to do your makeup and show you things and they pretty much have to give you a face chart. If the makeup artist gives you tude, take your biz to the next counter straight up. They need your biz, trust me. If you don't like something speak up and be willing to try new things. It is not a tattoo... it will wash off! The only catch is that you actually have to buy, do not be a picky waste of time. Even if you hate everything suck it up, you just got a free makeover, buy a lip gloss at least. Make sure that you are very very clear if you like a more dramatic or natural look. This is crucial if you just want a day to day fresh face. The more info that you can give the makeup artist is the best, the colors you like, how long you like to spend getting ready, what you have and use on a daily basis. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TRY SOMETHING TOTALLY OUTLANDISH, TEAL EYELINER, COLORED MASCARA, A BRIGHT LIPSTICK... JUST DO IT!!! You only live once. (p.s. tell the person to sanitize everything before it touches your face, this includes brushes. Be a freak, who cares its your health.)
4. If you are a lone ranger check out Sephora or Ulta. You can troll the isles at ease without being bothered. If you get lost ask someone that works there what the most popular items are and what there personal faves are. They do not work for a specific line so they can literally grab you something from anywhere. Try something fun like Kat Von D at Sephora or the new line by Tarina Tarantino that comes out soon. DO NOT JUST GRAB THINGS AND TRY THEM ON... THEY ARE FESTERING WITH GROSS THINGS THAT I WILL NOT EVEN TRAUMATIZE YOU WITH RIGHT NOW. Try it on your hand and if you must, ask someone for help and watch them bathe it is alcohol and wipe it off.
5. No matter what try something fun. Please for the love of God try some color. You guys are boring me. Start small because it does not matter young or old we all need a dash of color.

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