Hair and Skin feel like the Sahara Desert? Read this blog and feel better.


OK um gross so the ground is covered in snow and yet your skin and hair feel like the Sahara Desert. Here are my tips and tricks.

  1. Stop sucking the moisture out of your skin. If I see you with a soda in your hand I am going to slap it! Drink water until you are going to burst for starters and then wash your face with something soft not something that is for pre teens. Straight up use Cetaphil found at the drug store unless your doctor says something else. Remove your makeup with a special remover if that is an issue but I think you guys don't realize that you are stripping your face and making yourself breakout by not keeping any of the natural oils of the face forcing your face to make more oil and breaking you out. Just ask your derm if you don't trust me. This goes without saying but I am going to say it... use a moisturizer. Go with oil free if its driving you nuts but most of us can use a reg one. Go see Maria at the Clinique counter at Bloomingdale's on Michigan Ave for a great moisture consultation or really any Clinique counter can help you. There stuff is priced well and they will get you on a moisture plan just for you! There are cheaper and more expensive face creams that I can suggest but... start there and then we can talk.

2.  Get a humidifier. Now fill it and use it. Keep filling it and using it until it is "humid" 

outside. I get stick of cutting hair that is static city!

  1. Take fish oil! It sounds so gross and it is really gross when you burp a fish burp a half hour after taking it but, totally worth it. This stuff keeps your skin feeling super soft.

  1. This might be going back to #1 but who cares, I am a huge fan of moisture mists. Clinique makes a Moisture surge one for the face. I use a mist before and after my makeup is on. MAC cosmetics makes a great one that you can use and you can pack these bad boys in your purse so if you get dry during the day just mist. I have also fallen in love with Awapuhi Moisture Mist by Paul Mitchell. I use this all day at the salon like a freak... I spray my skin, I spray my hair, I spray my clients hair to get the static out with no film or residue, I spray people with they tick me off. Its outstanding! I work at Floyd's 99 Barbershop in Wicker Park so if you want to come by and test drive this mist come and see me. Heck you can mist me if you want.

  1. Make up. Go get a tinted moisturizer for your face makeup. No matter what line you use you can find that they offer a tinted moisturizer and probs a moisturizing blush. I am really into MAC face and body today but, I think that I will just always love that stuff. I also hate to admit it but, Cover Girl got in bed with Olay and made some makeup that can be found at drugstores that is divine. I think what we are all trying to tell you is that to much powder makes you look older. Dry skin makes you look older. Cover Girl just says it nicer than I do.

6. Oh now my fave part, Hair! Use a deep conditioner at least once a week, for like the whole 20 mins covered by a plastic cap. My all time fave hands down S Factor "Serious" conditioner. Use your Christmas money to buy this stuff. I just get the tub because I don't like to play with this bleached hair of mine. Give it a shot first with the smaller tube and see if it is for you. Yes the minty feeling on the scalp before and after use it totally normal. Hang on and enjoy the ride! (Side note: for all of you girls out there living the platinum blonde life... this stuff is great right after bleach.) I don't know if you saw my blog on the Moroccan oil but use this stuff after your hair is towel dry. My new fave combo is Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry Shampoo on roots to soak up the oil and to give hair texture and then use a little of the Moroccan oil on ends to bring back in shine and moisture. This way your are not totally stripping your hair with a blazing hot shower, that hot water you are using to "warm up" is not good for your hair.


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  • Great tips! What do you use as a body moisturizer? That's what I struggle with finding the most..

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    It depends on your skin. A lot of people love Olay Quench but it smells like rotten fruit on me. I like Coco butter and hemp lotions usually, I love the Body Shop body butters but they cost an arm and a leg. ug What's a girl to do?

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    Tip #3 is one many overlook, and not only is it great for skin, but possibly the most important supplement one could take.

    Another unseen factor to most is that of using toxic products (all too common) In fact, MOST of the popular products would rightly scare people away if they understood what was in them.

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    I make my own sugar or salt body scrubs at home. You can find all kinds of recipes online with variations for your own skin type. It's easy, fast, INCREDIBLY CHEAP, AND you can pronounce the name of all the ingredients. I'm a fan of a sugar scrub I make with sweet almond oil and a little honey. The sugar exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth while the oil and honey moisturize. Use toward the end of your shower for best results. In the summer I use aloe vera gel instead of oil.

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    Lush Cosmetics! Everyone and their mother should use Lush.

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    I saw that you mentioned a while back about trying the Whole Foods brand lotion, but they carry some other brands that are divine! A personal fave (that absorbs really quick) is Desert Essence Organics. I also couldn't agree more about moisturizing your face, especially before putting makeup on. I see soooo many girls walking around with cake-face, and it makes me super sad for them.

    Great tips! :)

  • In reply to Jsmith1012:

    Ohhhh awsome I will check it out for sure. Yes people need to use as much moisture as possible. Can not wait to try out this lotion!

  • In reply to MalloryHoke:

    Eliza, it was great to see you last night. Glad you liked the Jersey Shore post! Question, how do you feel about facials? I'm thinking of getting one for the first time. Is it worth the price or should I just stick to these steps?

  • In reply to sdavis:

    Hey girl good question! It depends on your skin. I always suggest that if someone is having trouble with there skin that is intense one way or another (dry, acne, blackheads) see a doctor. That being said there are a lot of benefits from getting a great facial. It is very relaxing but expect to break out a little because they are going to bring everything up to the surface. Think of it like spring cleaning, your face gets messy before it is clean. Your best bet, look at the specials. I love the Bliss Spa downtown as well. xo me

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