Ew gross.

Ew! Ok time for some real talk. You know because it is cold outside here in Chicago (and most of the US Burrrr!) you have more time inside. Right now I am going to try and clean you up and get you into some very good habits while you are still stuck inside.
1. Wash you bedding, Especially your pillow cases. All types of hair oil, lotions and gross things collect onto your bedding. I like to use one of the new sensitive skin detergents found at most grocery stores and no dryer sheet. Why? Um I don't want some perfumed detergent making my skin go nuts while I sleep!
2. Wash your makeup brushes! I know that you have heard this before but, maybe all of the "crazy makeup people" didn't make ourselves clear.... WASH YOUR BRUSHES ONCE A WEEK!!! If you are in a bind your can use a gentle shampoo or you can get fancy with a nice brush cleaner. MAC has an amazing brush cleaner. Sephora makes a spray and wipes for all of you lazy divas out there. If you have crap brushes expect them to burst on impact of water. You might freak out a little but keep on cleaning.
My favorite thing is to clean the brushes and watch all of the gross stuff go down the drain. I always used needing my brushes "dry and ready to use" as an excuse for never washing them so I came up with a trick to trick myself!
Wash brushes just after you need them in the morning. Lightly squeeze them dry and roll them on a towel or paper towel and get them as dry as you can. Grab a short coffee or tea cup an set them in front of the fan that is collecting dust waiting for warmer days. If you don't have a fan blast them for a few mins with a blow dryer. Don't get the fan or blow dryer to close. Keep the brushes in the cup with the brush part up until you need the brushes again.
3. Clean off your phones. If you still have a home phone or a cell phone you can use just about anything you just need to clean your phones. You can use hand sanitizer, alcohol, house cleaner... anything! Use a lightly damp wash cloth or paper towel, please make sure that the cloth is NOT that wet. If you ruin your phone with water damage do not come and bark up my tree all crabby. What you are using here should not be that wet, I would say that it should be slightly more dry than a baby wipe or face wipe, got it? Clean that thing sometimes daily depending on how much you use the phone.
Think about it, when you touch money and then text and then touch your face to the phone you are begging for pimples and gross stuff to hang out on the face. Um ew!
Long and short of it, think outside of the box of places where gross things can be hiding that get on your face and clean them!
I wanted to send a special shout out to all of the Pretty Cheap readers in Japan! I love that people from Chicago and all over the world are picking up on my tips. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here as a comment and I will do my best to get back to you.
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  • My biggest pet peeve is when other girls tell me they never clean their make-up brushes!

    MAC brush cleaner is my favorite, but when I'm tight on money I like to clean with baby shampoo!

  • In reply to lovelostcity:

    You are totally right. Zing! 2 points for a good tip.

  • In reply to lovelostcity:

    I have 2 sets of my MUST USE brushes so it's not a big deal when I clean 'em. But, a great tip, leave the brushes to dry on the edge of a counter with the bristles hanging over the edge. That way, if they're still damp, they dry all the way around and won't develop mold or other gross crap!

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