Come on baby light my eyeliner

Well, remember when your parents told you not to play with fire? Guess what? I am tell you it is ok to play with fire. Only when it comes to heating up some of your beauty products of course. Here is the scoop, if you want to save money on products use less by letting heat help you spread and be able to use the product more effectively.
I must confess the other night I was watching the Wendy Williams Show to catch J-Lo's number one makeup artist Scott Barnes talk about his new book About Face. Usually when I hear the experts talk about makeup I am thinking the entire time that they are directing their tips at a 3rd grader. Much to my dismay... Scott Barnes actually gave me a tip that I did not know and actually used. His tip was to use a lighter to warm up eyeliner so that it spreads a little easier. I normally do not have a prob with eyeliner but I did have this one MAC eyeliner that did not want to work. Love the color hate the way it goes on. I did just what Scott said and blammo! It works! Roll the eyeliner and only use the fire for a second or two. I was testing it on the top of my hand before it touched my face. Do not forget that the eye area is sensitive so it will burn easily.
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If you want the ultimate curling iron for the eyelashes than blast your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a sec. Test the curler before it hits anywhere near your eye and curl those lashes. It works just like a curling iron for the lashes by providing a beautiful curl to the lash. Make sure that you keep that lash curler on the move because you want a curl not a crimp. I would not suggest this for a plastic eyelash curler.


One of my fave tips is heating up your mascara tube to get just a few more days out of the mascara. If your mascara is dried out this trick is fab. You can use your blow dryer by twisting the tube and focusing on the end of the tube. Watch your fingers and keep them out of the heat. Even better than that is filling the sink with hot water and let the tube of mascara roll around in the water for a few mins. Make sure that the lid is on tight so that no water gets inside of the product.
If your hairspray or any other product that you have gets clogged you can run the nozzle under hot water and move the blockage away from the sprayer with your nail! Why throw something away if you can still use it?
Concealers and foundations are great things to heat up with your fingers and hands to make them sink in and spread. If you are using less than you are saving money! Please make sure that your hands are clean before you do this trick. One thing that the makeup pros do, Heat up you middle finger in the palm of the opposite hand by moving the middle finger very fast on the palm until you feel heat. Now with the hot finger apply eye creams and concealers! Use that natural heat baby to save you money.
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