Chicago's own Caiti Beth is my hair crush of the week. Hot like fire!



Caiti Beth is my hair crush of the week! This girl has some unconventional hair tactics but the result is outstanding. The cut is very thinned out with a lot of texture and volume at the crown and the top layer. This is the "edgy but still long" haircut that everyone is asking for that is difficult for most hairstylists to understand. To get this look I love Back Comb in a Bottle by Big Sexy Hair. This stuff is not for the faint of heart. Spray at the root on the crown and keep holding up until your hair is dry, backcomb where you just sprayed and you got mad volume. That product is very intense, please start small and work your way up.


Caiti Beth just finished school at Columbia College for music business with a concentration in talent management. She also works at Angels and Kings downtown. Its nice to finally have a local hair crush. I would feel like it isn't fair because I am her hairstylist but a lot of people see her at Angels and Kings come in and ask me for her hair so alas, I am not alone.




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