Beauty tricks to save you money so that you can give to Haiti!


So here is what is gonna happen, I am gonna save you a few bucks and you are going to donate what you save to Haiti.

You can donate however you want, just donate. My favorite is the Lady Gaga Haiti Relief t shirt. All of the proceeds go to Haiti. Peep it here.




Instead of your monthly facial that is at least 60 bucks and a tip. Grab one, or if you are me three of the 99 cent packs for the face that you can find in the face and body section of the drug store. I love masks that give a lot of moisture, they help to keep my skin soft! If you do this for just one month you have saved about 63 dollars! Send that money to Haiti!

Instead of a manicure this week that will run you 8 dollars to 25 dollars plus tip take off your polish and purchase a 4 step nail buffer from Walgreens and use it. My favorite is Revlon. I just saved you 10-30 dollars! Send that money to Haiti!

Instead of your Mystic Tan this week that costs at least 25 dollars dust bronzer on your face, neck or whatever is showing. Who shows skin this time of year anyway? If you have something special going on then do the Monday Mystic Tan special at LA tan for 10 bucks. I just saved you 15-25 bucks. Send that money to Haiti!

Even if these things don't work for you I am just trying to get you to think outside of the box. Beauty products are an easy place to cut down and cut back. See what you can save and what you can give.

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