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Look hot before, during and after the gym. This is what you need to pack.

I was reading a post on the blog Chicago Fit Club right here on and I got inspired! Lets get your gym bag kickin’ with the right cosmetics and products to save space and money.       1. Face wipes are key to whisk away grim and time on that treadmill. On the... Read more »

The Rodeo Drive of Make up found right here in Chicago. Now all we need is the sun!

Even if you do not live in Chicago this blog is still for you because we might talk about some brands that you might not have heard of before. In other words keep reading friends no matter where in the world you are!   So, we have a been given a gift right here in Chicago... Read more »

Come on baby light my eyeliner

Well, remember when your parents told you not to play with fire? Guess what? I am tell you it is ok to play with fire. Only when it comes to heating up some of your beauty products of course. Here is the scoop, if you want to save money on products use less by letting... Read more »

Ew gross.

Ew! Ok time for some real talk. You know because it is cold outside here in Chicago (and most of the US Burrrr!) you have more time inside. Right now I am going to try and clean you up and get you into some very good habits while you are still stuck inside.   1.... Read more »

Nicole Richie, Love Rocks and mascara! God gave us Dior.

Ok, I am going to be honest with you I have been having trouble knowing what to blog about next because I feel like I have to much to tell you! First off my hair crush of the week goes to Nicole Richie! This girl is working out a new dark do with a fierce... Read more »

My American Idol Life.

  I feel like I have been waiting to write this blog for a long time. I am not gonna lie I have not ever really seen a full season of American Idol or really seen more but 2 episodes at most. The truth is that there are other shows on durning the winter months... Read more »

Beauty tricks to save you money so that you can give to Haiti!

  So here is what is gonna happen, I am gonna save you a few bucks and you are going to donate what you save to Haiti. You can donate however you want, just donate. My favorite is the Lady Gaga Haiti Relief t shirt. All of the proceeds go to Haiti. Peep it here.... Read more »

Chicago's own Caiti Beth is my hair crush of the week. Hot like fire!

  Caiti Beth is my hair crush of the week! This girl has some unconventional hair tactics but the result is outstanding. The cut is very thinned out with a lot of texture and volume at the crown and the top layer. This is the “edgy but still long” haircut that everyone is asking for... Read more »

Is your makeup wardrobe tired? This is how you need to shop.

Is you makeup tired? Here are my tips on updating your face wardrobe.   1. Pull out everything that you have and make a list so that you don’t buy things that you don’t need. In other words no one other than drag queens, MAC girls and me need 7 purple eye shadows. Right now... Read more »

Me on WGN Radio talking about Pretty Cheap! Peep it here.

  If you missed me yesterday morning on WGN talking about my blog Pretty Cheap (um I don’t blame you. I don’t know why but 10am feels like 5am on a Saturday.) You can peep the whole show here commercial free right now!   Click here,0,1643313.mp3file We talked about celeb hair, eyebrows and I... Read more »