Protect your hair while you sleep.

I am so excited to share my newest favorite trick with you guys in this blog! As we all know every good beauty trick starts with a dilemma so here are the stats.
My hair is bleached and I am convinced that sleeping on my rough IKEA pillow cases is shredding my hair in my sleep, causing breakage and making it not grow as fast as possible. Now this can be a problem for anyone with colored hair to just really curly and even dry hair.


A silk hair wrap or a sleeping cap with built in conditioners to protect and condition hair in your sleep! OK, OK.... I know what your thinking, it looks lame but so does broken hair! I really really think that the caps work. My hair feels better when I take the cap off in the morning than when I put it on at night. For those of you that do not like to wash your hair everyday this is a great way to keep it smooth until your next blow out. I purchase mine at Sally Beauty Supply, I find that the caps are easier for me to sleep in but give either a shot. It about time Chicago stats thinking about boosting the moisture to the hair because of the winter weather. If you 100% can not do the wraps than give a silk pillow case a try, they also sell those at Sallys. Sleep well my friends!


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  • Hummm...I had never heard of these scarfs and caps before. I'll have to check one out.

  • I am sure you will score a man sleeping with this in your hair ladies. Try complex vitamin B's, D's, lots of sleep, and healthy eating first. Old fashioned satin pillows work well too. The cap is lame.

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