MTV's new show Jersey Shore. Hair gel? Hot or Not?

So let me start off by saying that I love New Jersey (I love most states BTW) I wanted to say that because I don't feel like you hear people say that enough. I usually just take places for what they are and the second that you start loving Jersey for what it is, you star really LOVING it!

Now the MTV show Jersey Shore entered my life last night (I had plans to go to a fashion show, but I bailed.) I loved the new show, I mean yes it had it's moment of gross reality TV ewwwness but for the most part I loved it. Here are people that are not like me at all but I respect them because they are who they are through and through. When I started watching I kind of tuned in to make fun of them and then the buffed bodies vs. hairspray kept me glued.




The truth is that I am kind of thinking that this show is going to start a trend, or trends. I kind of back it! Tan skin (fake tans people get the memo) hair gel for guys and an massive bumped lump of black hair for girls. Let me be the first to say it, its kind of hot. I think the reason that the cast members on the show made the looks hot is because they are being who they truly are, like..... this is how they are and if you don't like it you can stop watching! I don't see myself getting super tan and having long black hair with a puff or dating a guy with spiky hair anytime soon but that is because I am to busy being me. What do you think? are we going to see this being a trend that sweeps from the east? Watch the show and let me know if you think it is hot. If we decide yes it is hot maybe I will do a how to look like Jersey Shore DIY video for hair and makeup.


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  • Oh dear. i do love people for who they are but since i've been living in New Jersey that whole "shore scene" (other than the really fun gay Asbury Park scene) does nothing for me and i can't deal w/ all of that. but that's probably because its so far removed from me. i don't think it will catch on, but then again, i don't really do anything that catches on! will be interesting to see if it does anything!

  • I kind of hope that it does a little so that I look more pale. ahahha

  • In reply to esiep:

    omg, good point! YAY for the Jersey Shore look!

  • In reply to esiep:

    This show is the worst thing to happen to the east coast since 9/11. They make everyone from jersey look like a bunch of grease balls. Check out this blog to see some of the ridiculous things they have said....

  • OMG ''this'' is a trend were I live it started like 3 years ago. I don't want this too last ... because here it's been over use and I'm tired of fake than and fake dark hair! by chance this show is not aired were i live!

  • hahahha oh no! where do you live?

  • Quebec ! maybe Quebec is the Jersey of Canada ...

  • Ohhhh you said it! hahaha We must research this!

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