List of people giving peak Ferocity in 2009!

Ferocity. If you don't know, now you know who was bringing it in 2009. Ferocity in my eyes is someone that could be in a drag show or fashion show at anytime day or night and work it out! Think Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert, these are people that just don't care what you or what I think... they just are what they are. Now why is this so important right now? BECAUSE EVERYONE IS FREAKIN BROKE AND WE NEED TO STOP SURVIVING AND START LIVING! The people on my list are living and giving a lot of face while doing so. My suggestion to anyone reading this blog, if you are going out or just bored flip through these pics and show the world what you got when you go out. Gold, jewels, glitter, feathers, men in suits, Lycra, studs, and heels! We cant go out as much these days because of the lack of money so when you do go out, go allll out or at least your version of it!


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  • Oh yeah Adam Lambert is bringing the ferocity from 2009 and taking it through 2010 and forward. He is so bringing it....loves him so much!

  • Yay for Ed Westwick- I love Chuck Bass!

  • um yea both guys are delish!

  • I, too, love Karen O and her bowl cut. How DOES she make that work so well? Ferocious, for sure!

  • Its a two part deal. 1. Just having a fearless mind and 2. A really good flatiron!

  • Lady Gaga. Hands down the Queen of Ferocity. Google her shows and images. Her jaw dropping creativity is center stage on cutting edge fashion, design & artistic expression. She has developed a new genre of dance music listeners and put it mainstream. Her shows are borderline offensive, however she has never crossed the line. At her age, if drugs & media don

  • You know amber Rose has my heart...

  • Uh, Zac Efron?

  • Amber Rose is my heart and Gaga is the rest of me hahahaha. I love this post because I love looking at all of the people on it. So hot!

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