Christmas Beauty Gift List! featuring Alice and Wonderland

So it is about that time again for gifts and you either you get them or give them so lets just give this gift list blog a shot. I will give you my top list in the hopes that you have an amazing idea now from a pro that is not trying to scam you at the register. I tried to do something creative with this one so stick with me, I have a band.... yes, I have a band and we just put up some new pics today and as shameless as is is I don't care. I am matching my gift idea and where to find it with each one of my friends! Maybe you have a friend or relative like mine. If you are bored and you want to check out the band you can listen and lurk at


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  • I adore these images! everyone looks fantastic! and i love the Keane prints behind you! Gorgeous!

  • btw that is EXACTLY the red i want in my hair...but for now i'm still blonde...ugh

  • Amazing Pictures.I like green one.Merry Christmas.Thanks.
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  • awww thank you! I never knew who took those prints before do you know anything about the artist?

  • In reply to esiep:

    I believe the work was done by Margaret Keane but she used her husband's name for them. I collect those prints. I love them. You can find more info on the artist here:

  • In reply to esiep:

    I love you right now! YAY!

  • In reply to esiep:

    I'm glad it was useful. I'd love to one day do a live series of photos based on her paintings...okay fine, go ahead and use my idea. I don't mind...just don't let anyone else use it!

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