Celebs without makeup! Some may shock you some may not.

So normally when it comes to celebs I just don't go there. I don't like to talk in public about people that I don't know, it is rude for the most part. I don't like it when people talk about me when they don't know me but alas, when I started to search "Celebrities without makeup" I came to find that it gave me a boost of confidence! So rather than attack I am giving you the green light to look in awe at how "normal" the most beautiful and celebrated people in the world are. Here are some celebs without makeup and if you are having an "ugly day" google your fave celeb without makeup and see what pops up.


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  • okay fine, but how does adam lambert still look beautiful even without make up. ugh..so jealous!

  • Um seriously, like he is hot like fire. A little over the top but totally amazing! I don't even know why I said that.... where is "the top" anyway?

  • In reply to esiep:

    but him being over the top is where it is at. and i heard him say in an interview once that he just sleeps in his eye make up because it looks better after you sleep in it! haha! he is the top! (did i just say that?)

  • let this be a lesson. never take your make up off. i don't.

  • I cant wait for Adam Lamberts 15 minutes of fame are up.

  • Yea I forgot to put in this blog that I never go anywhere without "my face on." My mom never did leave the house without makeup on so I guess I am just in habbit of thinking, you never know who you will run into. Maybe you will run into Adam Lambert in his 16th min of fame!

  • Adam who?
    Looks like a douche to me.

  • In reply to Logan2x:

    Jersey shore = toolbags and douches

  • If you think that he looks like a douche you should watch the new show on MTV called Jersey Shore. ahahhaha Just google it!

  • Wow I think he looks better this way. He is so hot here, he looks plastic with all that caked on makeup. But yeah Jersey Shore is like a car wreck you can't stop watching hahahaha.

  • In reply to meredithclair:

    I just made a post for you on that idea alone! Enjoy!

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