All I want for Christmas is a drugstore mascara that will not suck!

When I started this blog I started buying drug store mascara to write something nice about one of them (I have purchased 3 thus far) and, I have nothing nice to say. What are you thoughts on this?

I do not like the brushes that they come with and I do not like that they flake in my eye. The price is not even that good unless it's buy one get one free! Yes, it does beat $25.00 for a tube but at least when you pay more you are not getting an eye infection from it collecting in my eye! What are you thoughts and suggestions? Please let me know before I waste another cent on this trash!


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  • I've used several department store mascaras - Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, MAC.... and my favorite for everyday continues to be Maybelline Great Lash (the pink and green tube). Yeah, it doesn't majorly lengthen or thicken, but it also doesn't clump, flake, or smear.

    Would love to get your reviews on the best mascaras out there, no matter where they come from!

  • I have tried all the drug store mascaras and find none of them to be suitable. I religiously use Dior Show Waterproof. Sorry, but it is just plain worth the money.

  • I agree! all Dior heels for lashes are worth the money.

  • I had the same problem for years, and through trial and error found Cover Girl's Lashblast volume mascara in very black. I love love it! Tip though: don't get waterproof, it's clumpy and gets all over your face eventually.

  • I, like Jacci, like Covergirl Lash Blast, although I like Lashblast Length. It's hard to say, but it does the job. However, I feel like you need a new tube pretty often, as it dries out quickly. I also like Maybelline Define A Lash. The brush does a good job on your lashes, but it's sort of springy, which means very occasionally you will open it in a funny way, and mascara will flick on your face. Fun!

  • My biggest problem with mascaras is the brushes. If they have either sparse bristles or if they're arranged in a spiral formation, they just make my lashes clump, no matter what kind of formula it is. I've found that the brushes that work best for me have long bristles and a lot of them. I've had good experiences with the original versions of L'Oreal Voluminous and Maybelline Full and Soft. I know they've come out with new varieties in the Voluminous, but I haven't tried them and this is the one I buy time after time. I've used both the waterproof and the regular formulas. As far as flaking into my eye, I haven't had much of a problem and I like the brushes. I've also tried CoverGirl's Lash Blast and I agree with the reviewer who said that it dried out quickly. I didn't love it, but even with the weird brush I didn't hate it.

    As far as mascaras I've tried and would never use again or recommend, Clinique's Lash Power and the lash curling version (sorry, I can't remember what it's called). Their appeal is that they're supposed to be long wearing and water resistant but will wash off with warm water and soap. As a user of waterproof mascara, I have yet to be able to completely remove it after a use, even when using eye makeup removers that claim to be able to, so I was anxious to give it a shot. While there are a lot of reviews online by women who just love it, I couldn't stand it. The brush on the first one just made my lashes clump so I brought it back to exchange it for the curling version because the brush looked like it might work better for me. While the brush worked better, I found that my problem was with the formula. Once it's dry, it's pretty much impossible to comb through. I'd compare it to trying to comb through lashes I'd applied glue to and allowed to dry, not that I've ever done it. And as far as the curling, I had no expectations and didn't see any results that it worked either. In fact, I experienced the opposite. There's something about the formula, I don't know if it's that it's so, well, wet (I prefer a thicker formula), but it actually left my lashes so wet that it made the curl I'd put in my lashes fall. Think curling your hair and then getting it wet and how the curl just falls out.

  • I love the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black. Lengthens, thickens, doesn't run and is extremely affordable!

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