A new obsession... get up and go get this right freakin now!

This gem is called Moroccan Oil and I love it more than kissing 2009 goodbye. Ok, so I got into Sex in the City after it was too late and I know how it feels to be the last one on the train that being said... I do not want you to be the last one on this train. Put very simply, this stuff will make your hair feel and look better than it is in real life. It costs but you only use a little and it is freakin worth it. Give it a shot for 15 bucks, use a little before you dry your hair and then massage a little into the ends when you are done drying. Your hair is hot, save it... it is winter. It is good for men and women fyi.


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  • Thanks for the tip, Eliza! I'm definitely going to check this stuff out.

  • It's legit. I back it so hard. It smells soooooo good too!

  • Hi Eliza...Where can I pick it up for that price..anywhere in Wicker PArk?

  • In reply to Wicker4u:

    I purchased mine at Salon 1800 in Lincoln Park, 1133 W. Armitage Avenue(between Clifton Ave & Seminary Ave) Chicago, IL 60614(773) 929-6010 www.salon1800.com. You can also pic it up at Pixie Salon (ask for Kim) 1645 North Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622-1420(773) 342-1580

  • In reply to esiep:

    Thanks Eliza.....
    People need to get a clip from you...
    You are superb at all you attempt!

  • In reply to esiep:

    Eliza, I just tried Moroccan Oil this week and I'm a believer. My hair is naturally curly and it got really dry after a recent dye job. This stuff totally saved my hair. Anyone who had naturally straw like hair like mine should go and get it. I'm curious about their other products. I like the WEN system but I may switch over to this line.

  • In reply to esiep:

    Patricia! I love that. Good work! xo

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