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A new obsession... get up and go get this right freakin now!

This gem is called Moroccan Oil and I love it more than kissing 2009 goodbye. Ok, so I got into Sex in the City after it was too late and I know how it feels to be the last one on the train that being said… I do not want you to be the last one... Read more »

3 Quick beauty ideas before Christmas!

1. Please touch up that color before you go and see the fam. Getting into a salon right now would = not gonna happen so try a soft box color like Natural Match by L’Oréal 2. Last min gift on the cheap! Grab a body wash gift pack for under 10 buck! Try Walgreens or... Read more »

Protect your hair while you sleep.

I am so excited to share my newest favorite trick with you guys in this blog! As we all know every good beauty trick starts with a dilemma so here are the stats.   Dilemma?   My hair is bleached and I am convinced that sleeping on my rough IKEA pillow cases is shredding my hair in... Read more »

All I want for Christmas is a drugstore mascara that will not suck!

When I started this blog I started buying drug store mascara to write something nice about one of them (I have purchased 3 thus far) and, I have nothing nice to say. What are you thoughts on this? I do not like the brushes that they come with and I do not like that they... Read more »

A Chicago stylists tattoo story and fave beauty tips!

When I saw this Chicago stylists old fashioned Chicago inspired tattoo mixed with killer eye makeup and eye catching hair color, a light bulb went off in my head…. BLOG! I asked her a few questions and snapped a few pics, I really love the story about the tattoo and I hope that you do... Read more »

New Years Eve makeup idea. Party like it's 1929!

So my ChicagoNow super human, Tracy Samantha Schmidt had an amazing idea not to long ago to have a 1929 inspired party! Of course, when I heard this idea I was crazy inspired and wanted to go all out. I googled “1920’s makeup” and opened up a whole new world for myself. I guess that... Read more »

List of people giving peak Ferocity in 2009!

Ferocity. If you don’t know, now you know who was bringing it in 2009. Ferocity in my eyes is someone that could be in a drag show or fashion show at anytime day or night and work it out! Think Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert, these are people that just don’t care what you or... Read more »

Christmas Beauty Gift List! featuring Alice and Wonderland

So it is about that time again for gifts and you either you get them or give them so lets just give this gift list blog a shot. I will give you my top list in the hopes that you have an amazing idea now from a pro that is not trying to scam you at the register.... Read more »

MTV's new show Jersey Shore. Hair gel? Hot or Not?

So let me start off by saying that I love New Jersey (I love most states BTW) I wanted to say that because I don’t feel like you hear people say that enough. I usually just take places for what they are and the second that you start loving Jersey for what it is, you... Read more »

Celebs without makeup! Some may shock you some may not.

Share So normally when it comes to celebs I just don’t go there. I don’t like to talk in public about people that I don’t know, it is rude for the most part. I don’t like it when people talk about me when they don’t know me but alas, when I started to search “Celebrities without makeup” I... Read more »