Twilight makeup gives a makeover to traditional vamp.

I know that it is a hot topic right now with "New Moon" just coming out but, I found an interesting trend that has been hidden and lost behind gossip about the movie and it's stars. I actually think that Twilight has given us a new fresh face to the traditional kitchy vamp makeup of vamipres past.


In the past we would have thought of "Vamp" (aka a fancy way for saying dressed up goth) makeup as being saved for the runways of Paris or a dark night club. Every now and then a vampish thing would hit the mainstream as we saw with MAC last fall with there "Cult of Cherry" line but, lets be honest.... it is hard to pull that off for everyday.

Dun Dun Dun along came Twilight (books then the movies), if you have not been bitten by the Twilight bug by now than you better get into it because this trend is not going anywhere. It brought fresh faced stars that made the vampire scene datable again!. Toss out your white Halloween makeup and lets explore this hot new trend inspired by the books and movies.

The look is a very fresh clean face that is pale but not white. Thank God SPF is in! Think an amazing tinted moisturizer or no foundation at all just a little concealer in trouble areas. Then pop a a face glow on, I used the Luna Twilight (yes, there is an actual line of makeup inspired by the movies. I purchased mine in the cosmetics department of the Nordstom on Michigan Ave. ask for Jasmine to help!) This face glow actually has color in it so you can use it as a foundation. I dusted a little powder where I needed a little extra help. You do not want to cover up that glow! a little blush and then I took Mortal Glow from Luna Twilight and pat this glowing blush/highlighter onto my upper cheek bone and anywhere the light hits. Use highlighter in the opposite spots that you would normally put bronzer.

For the eyes a light purple or flesh colored eyeshadow, very little liner and even light mascara. The grand finale are the lips! Use are really really dark purple almost black, grab it at MAC or Mac Pro. Apply that lip color like it's your job and let it soak in. Keep rubbing the lips together and then take a tissue and blot it all off. All that you want to have left is a little bit of dark purple left. It's like a stain but better! Apply a clear gloss over or for this look I actually used the Twilight lip venom! This stuff is not for the light of heart so of course I love it. I also love the original Lip Venom.


I took these pics the night that New Moon came out right before we left to see the movie! The good news is that I have on an Edward shirt so you can make fun of me. The bad news is that we saw the 12:45am showing so by the time I took this picture I looked beat. I loved the movie and being there on opening night was amazing for me. It felt like seeing a good rock show because there were people there of all ages and everyone was having an amazing time. There were droves of people in line and the vibe was amazing. Two thubs up! Is it lame if I go see it again this week? HAHA





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