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"Brow 911!" This is the story of how Pretty Cheap became a blog.

Wait a min, how did  “Pretty Cheap” come about in the first place and what makes me perfect to write it? I thought you would never ask! For me the blog “Pretty Cheap” started the way that all good blogs should start, over a pair of eyebrows! TRACY SAMANTHA SCHMIDT (Editorial Director, ChicagoNow) aka the... Read more »

Don't look like a hot mess this Thanksgiving, or the day after shopping.

Ok, I am just going to start off by saying it…. burn your sweat pants right now or save them for the gym. Do not look like a hot mess infront of the fam this Thanksgiving or infront of the world shopping on black friday. You still have a few days so lets pull you together so... Read more »

Twilight makeup gives a makeover to traditional vamp.

I know that it is a hot topic right now with “New Moon” just coming out but, I found an interesting trend that has been hidden and lost behind gossip about the movie and it’s stars. I actually think that Twilight has given us a new fresh face to the traditional kitchy vamp makeup of vamipres past. In... Read more »

How to make yourself look like you did'nt just run in rain.

I am sorry to report that there are rainy days ahead. Here are my tips on how to look good even if you are caught up in the rain.   Now this is a beauty dilemma that you actually do not think about until it happens or even worse until its just too late. Rain... Read more »

Hey cheater! Coupons and deals from this weeks Tribune!

 Take a look at the beauty deals coming your way from Ulta , Target, Walgreens, and Jewel Osco! All can be found in this week’s Chicago Tribune– so pick up a copy and save money!!      

"Is that your natural hair color?"

The second that I met Christine in my salon the other day I could not take my eyes off of her hair! The color was so nice that I actually asked the unthinkable, “Is that your natural hair color?” She said…. “No, it’s a box!” Wait what? I am one of the only hairstylists that... Read more »

GIFTS! Now we all love gifts. Read me ASAP!

Um ok so I am trying to play by the rules and post pictures but alas its 11:54pm and I want to get this news out there before you head back to the grind on Monday. I met Isabel Morales tonight a Beauty Specialist at Saks Fifth Avenue and she told me that at Saks... Read more »

Tres Bien Nails!!! Good Nails Just Got Better!

Tres Bien Nails Neighborhood: Ukrainian Village1939 W Division St(between Winchester Ave & Damen Ave) Chicago, IL 60622     So until today. my fave nail spot in the city was Tres Bien Nails on Armitage. The new Tres Bien Nails opened a month ago on Division Ave and well…. it was a little slice of... Read more »

Keep Your Hair Black or Keep Your Hair White. $$$ Saver!!!

Keep your hair black longer and save yourself some $$$!!! Use a dark shampoo!!! Aveda Black Malva Shampoo is your best bet. Grab that at the Aveda salon in the lower level of the Hancock or at the Bravco on Oak St. To keep your hair light blonde or white: Use a purple or blue... Read more »

Off With Their Reds!!! Become a Queen of Hearts with Red Lips!

Ok, so Halloween might be over, but you can still roll around the city with a bold red lip! Throw it into your holiday look, or any look for that matter, just try something new. If you hate it, take it off…. IT IS’NT A TATTOO!!! How to pick the perfect red lip 1. Go... Read more »