Keep Your Hair Black or Keep Your Hair White. $$$ Saver!!!

Keep your hair black longer and save yourself some $$$!!!


Use a dark shampoo!!! Aveda Black Malva Shampoo is your best bet. Grab that at the Aveda salon in the lower level of the Hancock or at the Bravco on Oak St.

To keep your hair light blonde or white:

Use a purple or blue shampoo!!! I suggest AVEDA Blue Malva!!! Trust me on this one!!!

Warning!!! If you use these every day, they can actually make you hair look a little weird. Use it 3 times a week or use half of your regular shampoo and then half the colored shampoo.



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  • Wow. Where did you find this amazing beauty? She looks fantastic with dark and light hair...

  • In reply to Felicity:

    Thank you. It's all about changing the brows to match the hair. mmm you just gave me a new idea for a blog!

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