Don't look like a hot mess this Thanksgiving, or the day after shopping.

Ok, I am just going to start off by saying it.... burn your sweat pants right now or save them for the gym. Do not look like a hot mess infront of the fam this Thanksgiving or infront of the world shopping on black friday. You still have a few days so lets pull you together so that you can be fierce for this kind of not cute holiday!

The problem with the holidays is the stress. You will probably be cooking, traveling and seeing family and friends that you haven't seen in ages. Here are my tips and tricks on how to look amazing this Thanksgiving and the following day for Black Friday.
1. Get sleep! Obviously this is huge and free. You will look better and feel better. Period.
2. Drink so much water that you think you might float away. We all know that you are going to eat too much of totally awful things, that is just fine and I am not one to judge. If you start drinking water today and don't stop drinking water until Saturday you will eat less, have more energy and you wont get as puffy. You do not want to wake up with more baggage than Lindsey Lohan under your eyes. Your skin will look amazing and you will flush your body of gross things!
3. Um freshen up your cut and color today! There will be pictures, a lot of pictures and those last forever and end up on the Internet in front of the whole world and then someone tags you. You don't want 3 inch roots with no makeup on!
4. Put on makeup! You don't have to look like a drag queen, a little will go a long way. Classic, fresh and pretty is the way to go. If you are dressing up think old Hollywood! Skip the red lip for this holiday because it will end up all over your chin and face. NOT CUTE!
5. If its a dressy event that you are going to pack a cardigan to cover that belly when you are done eating, just sayin. If you are dressing down for hangs with the fam, try a cute pair or leggings (they have give!) and a cute top or dress that is not to tight. Pick something that you can move in for cooking and that still is flattering for pictures.
6. Wash your hair with bottled water the day of Thanksgiving! Yup you heard me. I know this would be an expensive everyday habit but come on, this is a holiday. You will get shine like non other!
7. Get your nails done or do them yourself the day before. At least use a buffing tool so that they look good and natural.
8. If you really want to look amazing, go get a professional airbrush tan from one of the amazing peeps at the Benefit Boutique on Armitage. If you cant afford it? Try and do it on your own but proceed with caution!
As for Black Friday, by all means please boost that economy by shopping just try and look decent doing it. You don't have to look like Miss America but come on at least try. You never know who you are going to run into! You might have to be at Best Buy at the crack of dawn so lets do an AM rush look!
1. Wash your face and not your hair. Throw the hair back and use dry shampoo if needed. Wash your face with cold water, really cold water.
2. Use eye cream or depuffer and a tinted moisturiser. mascara and lip gloss should be enough is you are a Victoria Secret Model but if you are me you will also need concealer and blush.
3. Put on cute leggings, low boots and a cute top so that you can move and sweat. Think layers! Then you can whip them off when you are shopping.
4. Please keep drinking water, in fact take a water bottle with you!
That's my advice for this holiday, now sit up straight in those pics and have some fun!


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  • great tips, girl!!

  • You look lovely in this picture...

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