"Brow 911!" This is the story of how Pretty Cheap became a blog.

Wait a min, how did  "Pretty Cheap" come about in the first place and what makes me perfect to write it? I thought you would never ask! For me the blog "Pretty Cheap" started the way that all good blogs should start, over a pair of eyebrows! TRACY SAMANTHA SCHMIDT (Editorial Director, ChicagoNow) aka the coolest girl in town comes running into my place of work literally saying in a loud intense voice.... BROW EMERGENCY!!! I had her sit down so that I could take a closer look at the emergency and see what we were dealing with. The truth is that she did not have a brow emergency at all. They just needed a little tune up. Over that beautiful brow clean up I asked the normal questions, "Do you live in Chicago?" "What do you do?" She told me about Chicagonow.com and I think that I said something like, "Dude, you should give me a blog!" She said, "If you were going to have a blog, what would it be about?" Blammo! The birth of "Pretty Cheap!"

The truth is that every person wants to look like a million bucks and spend next to nothing. I told Tracy that "I am addicted to beauty so that the rest of the world doesn't have to be." I know that sounds like a shallow statement but I compare myself to a car mechanic. You trust something that is important to you with someone who has devoted there life to learn and keep up with knowing everything there is to know about there field. I have always loved the massive and ever changing beauty industry. I have read beauty magazines my whole life, I have my cosmetology license to do hair, makeup, nails, waxing ect. and I live eat and breathe beauty! It sounds vain to be obsessed with something so fleeting and I have often questioned my intentions behind my career choices and hobbies with beauty. The truth of the matter is that my brain just soaks in a lot of info about this subject I process beauty like it is an art because it is. Oh don't worry, I also love music in the same way so I am not totally one sided!
My ideas on beauty are simple. Classic and beautiful, a natural you is perfect. Then you mix that with lifestyle, the time and the amount of money that you are willing to spend and that is the perfect look for you! I am happy that I have devoted my life to my passions because now I have a chance to share what I know with you. What good is priceless info if you keep it all to yourself? I have made every single beauty mistake possible in the hopes to push the envelope and to pave the way so that the rest of you do not need to have green fried hair or orange tan skin. The beauty industry is expensive and ever changing so I will sift through the hype and the clever packaging to bring you the best around Chicago and around the world. From the unthinkable and out there to the most natural beauty in the world I hope that you choose to join me here at "Pretty Cheap." I would love it if you would subscribe and ask questions, I am at your service! My blogs are for anyone at any age so don't think that you are to young or to old to read, I mean come on... Perfume looks good on everyone right! You can find me online on www.twitter.com/elizasiep www.facebook.com/elizasiep www.myspace.com/elizacutsonlyrealmyspace and if you are in chicago you can come visit me at the salon Floyd's 99 Barbershop in Wicker Park my work profile that always has my hours and work info http://www.floydsbarbershop.com/index.php/people/bio/3470 or www.floyds99barbershop.com  Thank you for joining me in my journey of looking for and being, "Pretty Cheap!"

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