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Baby Dies in Hot Car

Today’s news brings a sobering reminder that a baby or a young child should never be left in a car alone.   Even the most well meaning parent who’s only going into the store for “one minute,” should not give in to the temptation to leave a baby or young child in the car. This... Read more »

Have You Read It?

I’m reading Raising Blaze, a delightful book by the mother of a boy with special needs. Her well-told story illustrates how some teachers and other professionals understand trouble kids and really help those kids. And other teachers and professionals simply don’t get it. The author, Debra Ginsberg, is unflinchingly honest about her foibles and those... Read more »

Do You Have An Ornery Youngster?

I learned a clever parenting trick from a mom who attended one of my speaking engagements. When her child is ornery, she calmly announces, “Uh Oh. I have to find the off switch for your behavior.” Then she pretends to find the off switch on her child’s body, preferably in a ticklish spot, like the... Read more »

A Mother's Eyes

A Mother’s Eyes A mother’s eyes Look at a fistful of dandelions And see a bouquet. A mother’s eyes Look at a boasting teen And see an insecure adolescent. A mother’s eyes Look at a grown-up behavior And see answers to prayer. But this isn’t all she sees. A mother’s eyes Stare back at a... Read more »

Fussy Eater at Your House? Try This

Getting young kids to eat can be a challenge. When they dawdle over their food, you may find your urgings to eat have little effect. Try a different approach. Tap into their imagination. Based on what they like, consider renaming your food. I met a Wisconsin mother who serves peas mixed with corn and calls... Read more »

The Price of Gasoline: Save Money

You can save money on gasoline and the internet can help. This is becoming more and more important as the price of gasoline goes up and up. Presidential candidates know how important it is and are sparring over whose plan is the best. But while they talk about it, we need to do something about... Read more »

Ash Wednesday for Young Kids

It’s Ash Wednesday and you have young kids. Little children don’t have much self control. So how do you help them understand and participate in Lent? Look at this link for some ideas–

Oh No! My Kids Won't Nap!

What do you do when your kids don’t nap? Most children miss a nap occasionally but some are repeat offenders. Parents of the non-nappers yearn for the down time for themselves. They long for kid-free time to get things done or to take a nap themselves. What to do? Find ideas at this link–

Parents Fight for Their Baby's Life

What would you do if your child were born with a brain tumor? Read how one local couple is responding to such a hardship.,0,3325094.story

Web Site for Parents of Preschoolers

Want some quick tips for parenting your young children? Visit my web site at You’ll discover a money saving tip, how to get a fussy eater to eat, and how to help your child when (s)he is bored.