Is Bedtime a Bad Time for Your Young Child?

It would be great if our kids went to bed willingly and slept peacefully, but obviously many children don't. Here are some tips from mothers of young children to improve the process of going to bed.

"If they keep stalling for bedtime, asking you to get water, etc., tell them you'll come back in 20 minutes to check on them. They will probably be asleep in 20 minutes."

"Tell your child (s)he needs to stay in bed. Say nothing else and keeping putting them back in bed as many times as you need to. It generally wears them out before you and they will stay in bed."

"When putting your child to bed, say one good thing you saw them do that day."I Wish All Kids Slept Like This

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  • I've found reading a regular book can work quite well. They're often asleep after a few pages.

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