Talk Like a Pirate Day for Parents

In case you missed it, Wednesday, September 19th was international "Talk like a Pirate Day." Those who observed the day greeted each other as" mateys" and expressed surprise with "shiver me timbers."

But if you missed the pirate day fun with your kids, have no fear. Parents of preschoolers have many chances for related fun and encouraging good behavior. Because young children love pretend play, any day, or any meal can be "Talk Like Sponge Bob" day or "Talk Like a Princess" day.

One mother got great results with her preschooler by using a simple appeal to her daughter's imagination. Knowing her youngster's favorite TV show, when it was time for lunch, the mom asked, "Susie, do you want a Dora pulled pork sandwich?" The daughter eagerly downed the sandwich, largely because of how her mother named it.

Tap your child's imagination and enjoy the positive results.

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