Do You Have An Ornery Youngster?

I learned a clever parenting trick from a mom who attended one of my speaking engagements. When her child is ornery, she calmly announces, "Uh Oh. I have to find the off switch for your behavior."
Then she pretends to find the off switch on her child's body, preferably in a ticklish spot, like the tummy or the neck. She reports that her child giggles his way out of the grumpy mood and his behavior improves.
Give it a try and let me know what happens.

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  • When my son (Matt) is in a mood, I say "Uh oh, looks like Crabby Matty is here. Can you see if you can find Happy Matty instead? I like Happy Matty better." That usually gets a smile out of him and the crabbiness is gone.

  • I like how you use creativity and how you don't get sucked into your son's crabby mood.

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