A Mother's Eyes

A Mother’s Eyes

A mother’s eyes
Look at a fistful of dandelions
And see a bouquet.

A mother’s eyes
Look at a boasting teen
And see an insecure adolescent.

A mother’s eyes
Look at a grown-up behavior
And see answers to prayer.

But this isn’t all she sees.

A mother’s eyes
Stare back at a defiant child
And see that obedience
Will come some day
If mother holds her ground.

A mother’s eyes
Sweep a teenager’s room,
Searching for an uncluttered spot.
She sees that this too will pass.

A mother’s eyes
Watch her adult kids’ wrong choices
And in the life consequences
And see a life lesson
Stronger than she could deliver with words.

A mother’s eyes see us as we are
But they observe more.
They see us as we could be
As we want to be.

Their hopes and beliefs for us
Are greater
Than we dare dream for ourselves.

What she sees in her children
Lights a fire of determination
In them.
They burn with a desire to try harder
Than they thought they could
Because they yearn to show
Their best behavior
To their mother’s eyes.

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  • Is the god's eyes.

  • Are you saying that mothers often see us as god does? If so, I agree.

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