Fussy Eater at Your House? Try This

Getting young kids to eat can be a challenge. When they dawdle over their food, you may find your urgings to eat have little effect.

Try a different approach. Tap into their imagination. Based on what they like, consider renaming your food. I met a Wisconsin mother who serves peas mixed with corn and calls them "Packer Veggies", because that's the colors of the Green Bay Packers. Her kids gobble down the peas and corn.

I met an Illinois mom who got her daughter to eat a pulled pork sandwich simply by asking, "Do you want a Dora (The Explorer) sandwich?"


What TV shows, books, and movies do your kids like? Try renaming a food item to put in in synch with your preschooler's preferences. Bon appetit.


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  • Haha, that's hilarious. My daughter is a super picky eater, but she's not talking yet much. Basically, we just let her go until she's ready to eat. She tends to eat in spurts this way, but she's healthy, so we don't stress about it.

  • In reply to Nick Jaworski:

    Thanks, Nick. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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