The Price of Gasoline: Save Money

You can save money on gasoline and the internet can help. This is becoming more and more important as the price of gasoline goes up and up. Presidential candidates know how important it is and are sparring over whose plan is the best. But while they talk about it, we need to do something about it because most of us have to drive and have to purchase gasoline. Maybe a lot of gasoline.

So how can the internet help you save money on gasoline? Go to There are a number of internet sites that track gas prices, but I like the best. How will it help you save money on gasoline? After you go to, punch in your zip code, and it will give you the price of gasoline at stations in your town, starting with the lowest price. It will tell you how recently each price was updated.

For example, I just checked and found two gas stations in my town, three blocks apart, and one sells gasoline for eleven cents cheaper than the other. Go figure.

Another way to use to save money on gasoline is to check if the price of gas is going up or down. If the price is going up, you might want to fill up your tank today rather than pay more for it tomorrow. If the price is going down, you might want to wait a day or two and pay less for it.
Why am I writing about this topic on a parenting site? It's because it costs too much to tote your tots around town. Saving money on gasoline means more money to spend on the kiddos.

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