Safety Issue: Falling Televisions Kill Kids

Safety is a top concern for parents. Now parents have a new safety worry--falling televisions. We cringe when we read about safety related deaths of children. This Sunday, The Chicago Tribune reported the death of a little girl after a television fell on her.

Today I learned of a similar safety related death. Last fall, in Palm Gardens, Florida, two-year-old Tameren Holt Jr. was killed by a falling TV after he climbed on a table where the television sat. His body weight seems to have triggered the TV to fall on him. His older brother tried valiantly to pull the televsion off him, but couldn't because the twenty seven inch set was too heavy.

His parents rushed into the room, having heard the noise, and lifted it off their injured son. They rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Here is the link to the story:

When a falling TV kills a child, the tragedy is heightened because it feels so arbitrary, so unnecessary, and so preventable.

Why does this happen? It occurs because  children are much more active than adults. As a result, adults don't anticipate things children will do to put themselves in harm's way. They run through the house, jump on furniture, and climb on just about anything.

According to The Chicago Tribune, on Sunday, January 15th, when Gianna Hadjis was killed by a falling television, she pulled on the edge of the table, which led to the large set landing on her. It crushed her skull and broke her nose. She was pronounced dead at the hospital just a few hours later.

What can you, as a parent do? Make sure all heavy objects are securely fastened so they can't fall on your child. Look at your home with a critical eye, not just the TV, but other heavy objects that could fall if a child climbed, bumped, or played rambunctiously.

Even one child's death is a tragedy.


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