Last Minute Gift Idea: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

This is the first of a two part series for parents doing last minute gift buying.

There are many reasons for last minute gift buying. Indecision, busyness, and procrastination are a few.

But there's another cause for the last minute scramble to the stores-- PARENTAL GUILT. We carefully make our list of gifts to buy and fret we didn't buy enough. We calmly decided how much to buy in light of budgetary and other concerns and we bought those things. But then come the second thoughts. The parental guilt. Guilt brings the dreaded, "What if?" questions.

What if the gifts aren't enough to make kid # 1 avoid feelings of jealousy over what kid # 2 got? What if there aren't enough presents to avoid negative comparisons with how much your child's friends got? Or what if the gifts under the tree aren't enough to soften the blow of the divorce, or the move, or other hardship our child experienced this year?

But if you made your list of what to buy your kids and have completed it, don't go out for a second round of guilt-motivated shopping. My suggestion may be bad for the economy but it'll be great for your peace of mind.

Sure, guilt is the gift that keeps on giving. But if something in your brain offers you the gift of guilt here's what you should do. Take it right back to the exchange counter for an emotional refund.


Check back Friday for another unique suggestion for last minute Christmas shopping.

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