Holiday Movies for the Family: A Great Shortcut

Let's say that you've concluded that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is too rough for your rugrat.  And Alvin and the Chipmunks is too tame for your teen.

You're looking for a compromise film, but you wonder if War Horse or Sherlock Holmes is gentle enough for your youngest munchkin and edgy enough for your oldest offspring.

This isn't an exercise in movie criticism. It's an effort to find peace on earth and a good movie for your family. Making the difficult nearly impossible is the fact that you need a quick decision.

What can you do? Read the reviews at because they're the most thorough I've seen. Each movie critique covers categories such as: sexual content, violent content, language, drug/alcohol content and more. The site offers a level of detail that enables parents to make an informed decision.

So check it out and then go enjoy a good holiday movie with your family.


It's a web site Wednesday. Each Wednesday, I post a link with helpful information for parents.





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