Black Friday: Toy Buying Guide

Many of us buy toys for our kids. But what are the best toys?

The best toys are those which have the child as the main ingredient. When evaluating a toy ask yourself a question -- "Will my child be dazzled by how much this toy does or will my child be thrilled by how much he/she did using the toy?"

I recommend child-powered toys like building blocks, tricycles, puzzles, balls, and dolls. Also consider art supplies such as crayons and colored pencils. You can pick up a nice boxed set of 50 - 100 pieces (crayons, markers, paint brushes and more) for under $10 at places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Art supplies are a good option because like the best toys, they leave it up the the child to make something interesting happen.

The worst toys seem to say, "Sit there and watch while I flash lights and make sounds."  The best toys leave the leading role to the child. These toys invite the child to fun by asking, "What do you want to do with me today?"

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