Let's give it a "DO"

So this week i decided to try running all of our choral movements without stopping. This was a great idea since we are about half-way to the performance, have worked on all the music thus far, and are feeling good about the chorus' development this year. Well, I thought it was a good idea. Actually, it was a very revealing experiment. The faster tempos, the one-shot opps, and continuity took the chorus by surprise. The chorus acted as though they have not seen the music before. I don't blame them...we haven't really had a chance to run music without stopping. I usually run-through, then stop, rehearse the music or passage that needs fixing, run-through again, and hopefully the choir sings the passage with the improvements we were working on.

The good thing of this experiment was the singers had a rude awakening with what they can or cannot do with confidence, exposes where they need to apply themselves more, and, finally, helps them feel the pressures of time against them. I wouldn't say the experience was terrible, it makes the singers more aware that they have lots more to do.

We have a good product so far. With 5 more rehearsals, I feel confident we will have an excellent product. I hope many of my readers feel interested to attend. This performance of Messiah will have some powerhouse singers, a great chamber orchestra, and the hard work of many singers. www.nwchoralsociety.org for more information

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