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Last night at rehearsal we had a successful music experience.  The singers are getting the nuance and technique for bringing Handel's Messiah alive.  Very rewarding.

After the break, I had the podium to address issues of fundraising.  I started explaining that the Board was striving to keep costs down for membership and we are seeking to start a captial campaign.  The campaign starts with ourselves.  Have you EVER tried asking people for money?  It was all presented in a lovely Prezi (  Prezis are VERY cool--if you dont know what one is, check out the site.  Here is the one Completed:

The case was built for the singers and I hope it is made.  The premise is to start the fundraising with ourselves, then to branch out to possible donors.  My goal is to have 100% participation from the choir to our annual fund -- the size is not as important as the fact that 100% of the singers have donated.  Trying to build my case as to the importance of our fundraising, one of my singers said, "sounds like you are preaching to the choir!"  I thought....hmmmm.....has someone been reading my blog?????

Fundraising is a sticky business -- especially if you have not done much of it before.  Anyone out there with previous experience?

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