Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?

I find the dynamics of a rehearsal to be amazing.  Tuesday night I rehearsed with the NWCS and the entire rehearsal seemed under energized and lacking vitality.  Yes, the singers sang well, and I tried to feed them my energy.  But for whatever reason, we were at an impasse about communal energy.  There could be all sorts of reasons the singers were not their usual lively selves....but I doubt it is the music.  We are making great progress with the lyrical shape (phrasing), notes, stylistic practice.  I just felt there was low energy.  Any  other singers/conductors ever experience low energy in rehearsal?  If so, what do you do to combat sluggishness?



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  • I can't speak directly to musical direction, but in any sort of group activity, there are days that are just plain "off". I know for example that the girls on my daughter's volleyball team can be totally in sync at practice, and the following day look like a bunch of strangers on an L platform. Where there was good communication, movement, and full use of all the skills, suddenly, you would swear somebody crazy glued their feet to the floor, greased their hands with peanut oil, and put blindfolds on them.....We have tried all sorts of explanations, but probably the simplest is that in any group activity, seldom is everyone exactly on the same page and at the same level at exactly the same time. This is probably why those moments, when everything does come together perfectly, are so savored and remembered.

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    Thanks, Sue. Glad to know it's not just me! Funny how an activity that is so physical, like V-ball or singing, can have such wild results from day to day???

  • A certain very wise artistic director of our choral group gave us some voice exercises to do at our rehearsal last night to combat "vocal fatigue" that seemed to work nicely. It woke the group up a bit and enabled us to go on and continue a successful practice. :)

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