My name is Mike and this site is designed primarily to give readers a glimpse into the High School Sports programs in the Southwest Suburban area. Not only will there be the usual posts about the important games in the area, but we will be looking to highlight some of the student athletes in these programs. I am aware that there are many fine sites on the web, but it is my hope that people will visit to get a different angle as well learn about those programs off the beaten path if you will.

Of course, we will not forget the other programs in the Metropolitan area especially as they relate to the long road to State.

As a parent of a high school athlete, I have seen first hand the commitment that our kids must make not only to their sport, but I have also seen the hard work outside of the sports arena. And I must say that I am impressed. I also ask, you the reader, to get involved. If you are aware of a student-athlete that deserves some recognition feel free to share it with me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Fall Sports is just around the corner!