IHSA Football 2013-14 Southwest Prairie Conference Preview

IHSA Football 2013-14 Southwest Prairie Conference Preview

The 2013-2014 IHSA Football Season Kicks Off Friday Night and the Southwest Prairie will see some new non-conference opposition this season. Now whether or not that will have an adverse effect on the final conference standings is hard to predict. But make no mistake about - there is always an effect.

Now my initial reaction to this season's schedule was something along the lines of "Holy Moley." Why? Because it is possible that more than half the teams in the Southwest Prairie Conference could possibly begin conference play with an 0-2 record. And that would put a tremendous amount of pressure upon those teams as they look to reach the magical 6 victories that would assure them an IHSA State Playoff spot. Sure 5-4 teams qualify too, but the opposition points system has seen a number of teams in the conference miss the cut by the slimmest of margins. Just ask former Plainfield South Head Coach Mike Briscoe who had two misses as the last cut some years ago.

So it is very important, then, to try and split your non-conference games as one victory in a conference that usually has five teams of equal ability becomes big. Some would disagree that the SPC has that sort of parity but if you look closely, every season gives us those few upsets that make the difference between an 4-5 or 5-4 record and a possible playoff spot.

Of course, some coaches have tried to schedule "ducks" and jump off to an early 2-0 record only to see it evaporate later in the year. Then again some teams use that philosophy to ramp it up, if you will. And there have been a few programs through out the south suburbs that do just that and do it well. Still I would rather see teams play as tough a schedule as possible in order to develop a long term winning program. Besides, tough schedules have a knack of raising skill levels as well as building a desire to win.

And now for this season's predictions: Minooka and Oswego Are One's To Beat In The Southwest Prairie Conference (SPC). Why? Well they have made it a habit to play that "as tough a schedule as possible" every season and while not every year is a resounding success these two teams are still going to leave it all out on that field every game. The most consistent of the two of late have been the Oswego Panthers and as a friend of mine recently said  "until proven otherwise they are the team to beat."

So I can't really disagree but I will buck the conventional thinking this year and pick the Minooka Indians to win the conference and Oswego to finish second. Third place (and a probable IHSA State Playoff Berth) might be something of a logjam this season as all but one team will compete for it. Although the early favorite has to be the Plainfield North Tigers. That's because they will have a Big Offensive and Defensive Line, as will the two previously mentioned teams above. Trust me - it means a lot in this conference especially when the skill position players aren't (big). So getting them out into the open is critical and that's where those big young men will make all the difference.

Now my top choice of Minooka is predicated on two big musts; QB Shane Briscoe gets the nod and RB Nathan Gunn be given the ball enough times to compliment the passing skills of his quarterback. If Minooka Head Coach Paul Forsythe employs the same offensive scheme he had while Joe Carnagio led the offense - then all bets are off! The Indians must play a scheme that keeps opponents guessing as to whether they are throwing or running which is exactly what Oswego Panthers Head Coach Brian Cooney will do with a full compliment of "all-around athletes" led by WR Zach West.

Plainfield North is something of a mystery to me now that RB Trenton Cavin, who was ready to take over, has transferred to Alta in Sandy, Utah. The Alta Hawks, are an annual state championship contender and they will only be stronger with the all-around play of Trenton Cavin. Now I am sure that there will be a number of players who will step up for the Tigers and one that I think can run like the wind is Robert Baker. So we will see. But they do have big lines and that that makes a big big difference in this conference.

But there will be other teams right there vying for third and they will be the Plainfield South Cougars, Plainfield East Bengals and the Oswego East Wolves. Plainfield Central, meanwhile, may have a hard time this season but I wouldn't count them totally out either. The Romeoville Spartans seem to be the odd man out again and much of that has to do with not getting enough athletes to come out for the team.

Plainfield South seems to have a good shot if they can avoid an 0-2 start (which is possible) as they open in Lemont and then face the Wheaton St. Francis Spartans at home the following week. The Lemont Indians, who lost to eventual State Champion Crete-Monee in the State Semi-Finals last year, will be looking to prove something while St. Francis also wants to improve off a disappointing 5-4 record in a tough Suburban Christian Blue (before this Conference Blows Up at the end of this season).

So the Cougars will have their hands full as QB Kody Voda will be depending on RB Josh Harris all season. WB Anthony Woods, meanwhile could factor in big with his all-around ability. Where the problem lies, though, is on the O-Line. Now don't get me wrong these kids are good but when I compare them to other teams in size and strength they don't seem to be there. But again, we will have to see if OG Eric Aguirre and Joe Miggins, OT Nathan Karras, Richie Kelly and Thomas "TJ" Grady and C Robert Szudarski will have what it takes for the entire season to keep out those bigger defenders. The Linebacking crew of Clifton Garrett (a probable SEC Recruit), Mason Matesevic, Danny Sarroco and Drew Kaup appear ready to make a statement this year while the Cornerback duo of Chris Keske and Joey Ruske are more than capable. So the Cougars can make a go of it if they avoid injury and if the offensive schemes have been modified from the "cookie cutter" type offense of the past two years.

Two other teams that can surprise will be Oswego East under Head Coach Tyson LeBlanc and the Plainfield East Bengals under Head Coach Mike Romeli. Oswego East will not be a small team but they tend to lack intensity at times whereas Mike Romeli's men will be playing a lot of two-way football and the fatigue factor comes into play. The Bengals have also been their own worst enemies at times, especially with ill-timed fumbles that lead to late game losses. But Romeli and LeBlanc will have their squads ready and better prepared than the previous year. So keep an eye on these two teams they may just catch some teams napping.

The Plainfield Central Wildcats, meanwhile, have lost a lot of quality players to graduation and from what I saw of their sophomore squad, well let's just say that Head Coach John Jackson has a big task in front of him. If the players respond then who knows because their best might be good enough. But a repeat of 6-4 doesn't look likely.

That leaves the Romeoville Spartans who might be better off playing in a different conference given their short squads year after year. I really don't know what is going on there but Head Coach Jeff Kuna has not been able to build a winning culture at Romeoville despite being a disciple (and former assistant coach)  of John Jackson. I will be real honest here - I hope that this program turns it around and the sooner the better because the Southwest Prairie Conference can only get better if every team is competitive. Besides Coach Kuna is not a bad coach and deserves to win more games. Maybe, just maybe we will see something develop this season.

Okay then that is my best guess, as of right now, and we will revisit the conference at the end of week two to reevaluate the rosters and results because this is a very difficult year to predict given the number of new teams playing in these non-conference games.

As always, I wish all the competing student-athletes the best.

Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Safe!

IHSA Football 2013-14 Southwest Prairie Conference Predictions:
1. Minooka [7-2]
2. Oswego [6-3]
3T. Plainfield North [5-4]
3T. Plainfield South [5-4]
3T. Plainfield East [5-4]
6. Oswego East [4-5]
6T. Plainfield Central [4-5]
8. Romeoville [2-7]


Week One and Two SPC Schedules:

Minooka Indians
Head Coach: Paul Forsythe
(2012 Record: 4-5)
8/30 at Morris Redskins (2012 Record 12-2)
9/06 vs Providence Catholic Celtics (2012 record 8-3)

Oswego East Wolves
Head Coach: Tyson LeBlanc
(2012 Record: 4-5)
8/30 at Woodstock Blue Streaks (2012 Record 4-5) (New Opponent)
9/06 vs Lombard Glenbard East Rams (2012 Record 1-8) (New Opponent)

Oswego H.S. Panthers
Head Coach: Brian Cooney
(2012 record: 9-2)
8/30 vs Geneva Vikings (2012 Record 4-5)
9/06 at Waubonsie Valley Warriors (2012 Record 10-2)

Plainfield Central Wildcats
Head Coach: John Jackson
(2012 Record: 6-4)
8/30 at Aurora Marmion Academy Cadets (2012 Record 4-5) (New Opponent)
9/06 at St. Charles North North Stars (2012 Record 4-5)

Plainfield East Bengals
Head Coach: Mike Romeli
(2012 Record: 2-7)
8/30 vs Metea Valley Mustangs (2012 Record 2-7)
9/06 at West Aurora Blackhawks (2012 Record 3-6) (New Opponent)

Plainfield North Tigers
Head Coach: Tim Kane
(2012 Record: 7-3)
8/30 vs Chicago Westinghouse Warriors (2012 Record 7-3) (New Opponent)
9/06 at Pekin Dragons (2012 Record 6-4) (New Opponent)

Plainfield South Cougars
Head Coach: Ken Bublitz
(2012 Record: 4-5)
8/30 at Lemont Indians (2012 Record 11-2) (New Opponent)
9/06 vs Wheaton St. Francis Spartans (2012 Record 5-4) (New Opponent)

Romeoville Spartans
Head Coach: Jeff Kuna
(2012 Record: 0-9)
8/30 vs Darien Hinsdale South Hornets (2012 Record 6-4)
9/06 at Bolingbrook Raiders (2012 Record 8-3)

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  • What a great night, Mike! Minooka beats Morris at Morris for first time in school history. Great start to the season! My inside info was correct...Minooka is HUGE on the lines...and there are plenty of big bodies to rotate. Speaking of rotating, Minooka did this at QB all night. This Czerniakowski (sp.?) kid is a real threat running the ball. He throws a nice ball on the run too. He is small though...don't think he'll be standing in the pocket much when he's in there. He plays some WR when Briscoe is in at QB. He's a real triple threat. Indian backfield is stellar, led by Nathan Gunn. Briscoe looked a bit off with some of his throws last night but did lead Minooka's second scoring drive. He even had a couple nice scrambles too...not something I thought I'd see from him. The offense only stalled out when they went away from Gunn for a prolonged period in the middle of the game. 15 carries isn't enough for that kid. There were several questionable "holding" penalties that brought back a few long runs or Gunn would have been well over 200 yards. One brought back a long kick return too. Morris will do fine the rest of the year though I suspect next week at Metamora and their games down the road with Sycamore and Kaneland may be tall orders for the Redskins.

    Now to the Orange Kool-Aid...I like Minooka's chances after seeing them the next two weeks. I realize JCA's offense is probably pretty good but a Providence defense that surrendered 42 points isn't going to have anyone missing out on any sleep this week. Minooka can move the ball and their run defense looks pretty good. The biggest difference defensively that I noticed was that they tackled better than I've seen a Minooka defense tackle in probably a decade. Good hard hits with the shoulder pad through the ball carrier's mid-section. If they missed any tackles last night, it wasn't many. And the holes the O-line opened were, at times, big enough to drive a Mack Truck through. There were several bad snaps that they need to clean up and a couple of communication issues here and there but overall, I came away feeling pretty good.

    Since the Kool-Aid has me on a high right now, I'll predict next week's result (remember, I said 20-13 Minooka this past week and it was 21-14...pretty good, eh?). I'll say Minooka 23, Providence 17. Hope I'm this excited after Friday!

  • In reply to adamblue17:

    Well I don't blame you for being on the Kool-Aid high. That win in Morris was huge on so many levels. I watched it on Hub and there were some really good moments - but I have to say I am not convinced this "rotation" is good thing yet. Morris made mistakes they normally don't and it is obvious they have some young players - they will get better as the season goes on though. So long story short, until I see that rotation more - jury is still out. Don't get me wrong this kid Czerniakowski is a heck of an athlete just not sure about QBing - shades of Carnagio blowing a lead late you know?

    I would just let Shane be the signal caller if it were me - old school I guess but South let Kody go the distance yesterday and while he is threat with his feet (and that worries me too) his arm is live this year except one or two that had me out of my chair.

    Know as I wrote - a big line goes a long way in our conference and that will be a big plus for the Indians this year. They are strong. South is small height wise, but big space wise and did really good last night (actually surprised me) except for some sloppiness in the 3rd. (You can watch a replay on Hub site (Sun-Times Sports) as well as JCA Providence.

    This will be a much different game for Minooka than yesterday's and just remember, Providence will not be looking to start 0-2 so they will make a few alterations. It will be interesting but I think Shane can light em up with the pass and believe it or not Nathan Gunn should have success - watch Michael Ivlow's performance 4TD runs with three over 60 yards. Get into the secondary and wham bam thank you man!

    So I am cautiously optimistic Minooka prevails but I also know that there has been a history of let downs against the Cetics - fingers crossed bud.

    Our conference though looked great - even Oswego loss 29-27 could have been a win had it not been for that defensive letdown after taking the lead late. I mean an 80 yard TD down the left sideline right after finally taking the lead? Dang. Still 6 of 8 teams won and I think that is some sort of record for us. Plainfield Central was only one spanked at 25-7 but Marmion is a good team too.

    North blew out Westinghouse wow but have tougher game at Pekin and Oswego has another tough one against Waubonsie. But Plainfield East, my friend, was a nice surprise after they gave two wins away vs Metea on late fumbles before finally beating them yesterday in an all around good game. Guess my Intel was right on East. And how about Romeoville in a shootout? Go figure and they too had lost to same team two years in a row - but next week is Bolingbrook for them - that's a big test and let's us see what they really have. Same with Oswego East (who btw have big guys on the line) but easier opponent in Glenbard East (who actually won their opener too). South has Wheaton St. Francis who won today 35-9 over Riverside-Brookfield. So Cougars have a test match too.

    So let's raise our glasses to Week One and see what Week Two brings us eh? Should be interesting.

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