Friday Night SPC Preview: Minooka & Oswego Looking To Stay Undefeated For Showdown

Friday Night SPC Preview: Minooka & Oswego Looking To Stay Undefeated For Showdown

The Minooka Indians and Oswego Panthers  both have identical records (5-2-0, 5-0-0 SPC) and it appears that they will be competing for a Southwest Prairie Conference Winner-Take-All Showdown in Week 9 if both prevail on Friday Night. Of the two teams, it would appear that the Minooka Indians have the easier opponent in the Romeoville Spartans (2-5-0, 1-4-0 SPC). But as they say - you still have to show up and play the game! Of course, Minooka has had no problems showing up in any of their games thus far and I do not expect a letdown here, especially on their home turf. The Spartans are coming off an impressive 31-10 Homecoming Victory over the Oswego East Wolves, but have already been eliminated from State Playoff consideration for another year. Besides, the Spartans look like they are over-matched in this contest. Kalvin Hill should have a field day in this game and may come close to shattering some record here. The way I see it, Minooka could very well win this one by 60 points or more.

The Oswego Panthers, meanwhile, will face a surprising Plainfield Central Wildcats (5-2-0, 3-2-0 SPC) team who earned State Playoff At-Large status after defeating the Plainfield East Bengals in last Saturday's Homecoming Game. Plainfield Central may not be the most prolific team in the conference but they have been playing well and can pull off an upset here if Oswego is not careful. Plainfield Central can earn an IHSA State Playoff berth with a victory this week or next in Romeoville. Oswego, meanwhile, has already clinched a 6A State Playoff Berth but my guess is that they will go all out to try and win the conference. I will take Oswego by 10.

The Plainfield South Cougars (3-4-0, 2-3-0 SPC) must travel crosstown to meet the Plainfield East Bengals (2-5-0, 2-3-0 SPC) and know that their chances at making the State Playoffs as an At-Large Bid will hinge on them winning their final two games. The Cougars, who had been expected to compete for the conference, have hit a brick wall after dropping a 26-19 home game to Plainfield Central and then losing at Oswego in a wild 54-24 shootout. But don't let that last score mislead you - the Cougars were in this game until the end and I have to admit that I was impressed with their full 48 minute effort. I don't think that the Cougars have any illusions, though. They know that they have not played up to their potential this season and will have to step it up here if they want to salvage what is left of it. Plainfield East will not be an easy game for the Cougars either because both teams play a very similar style. So I think it will come down to whoever makes the fewest mistakes. Although Plainfield East have been eliminated from State Playoff consideration they will still play the game and as such the Plainfield South Cougars MUST keep their mistakes at a minimum and put in another complete 48 minute effort in this one! The game will be a close one - but I'll take the Cougars by 4.

The Plainfield North Tigers (3-4-0, 2-3-0 SPC) will host the Oswego East Wolves (2-5-0, 0-5-0 SPC) and appear to be the better team here, especially after their heartbreaking 28-21 loss last week in Minooka. As it stands, the Tigers are now in the same boat as district rivals, Plainfield South. Win or Else! Now I am not sure if  any 5-4 record out of the SPC will garner an At-Large Bid or not - but you must think there will still be a few upsets this week among other possible eligibles - so there is still a chance. Besides, this season has had some really strange results so anything could happen yet in their probable 7A Brackets. A victory by both North and South would set up an At-Large showdown at Plainfield South next Friday Night. As for an Oswego East upset? I am not sure as I thought the Wolves would have a better record after opening with a couple of nice wins against okay teams, but, I am not sure what the problem was. It isn't as if they don't have talent there, because they do. Perhaps a run-orientated game plan would have suited them better? But Hey - I don't know. Plainfield North by 10.

As always - good luck to all our teams.

Play Hard & Play Safe!


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  • Mike,
    You're on the money with the Minooka-Romeovile game. I expect a rout. I have a feeling that Coach Kooi will be getting lots of bodies into this game though so not sure it will be by 60 but who knows? No reason to risk any injuries with the showdown in Oswego in Week 9. I'll take Minooka by 41.

    The Central-Oswego game could be interesting. It's very tempting for me to hit that game instead of staying home this week since I'm sure the Indians will roll. I probably won't though. I actually could see Central pulling off the upset here. Not saying they will but Oswego better show up and not be looking ahead to the Minooka game or they could wind up on the short end of things against the Wildcats. I'll say Oswego by 7.

    Pfield North-Oswego East will likely get ugly. East is just not very good. It seems like their entire season went spiraling out of control after they blew that 2 TD lead and eventually lost their game with Oswego. I know Minooka just demolished them the following week. Losing a game like that to your inter-district rival has to be gut-wrenching but they still had a chance to come out the next week and they instead fell flat on their faces. North played well last week at Minooka but once the Indians got past all the Homecoming stuff, they really made it look easy. North couldn't do a thing offensively after grabbing a 21-7 lead and Minooka's offense just took over with their power running game in the 2nd half. North needs this one and another next week. 5-4 will probably get them in. This week, I'll say North by 21.

    And finally, South vs Pfield East. East has been competitive all season. They seem to hang around in games but can't finish. South must win and then beat North next week and that still may not be enough. We won't know until the pairings come out though. They will likely get 8 playoff points from Bolingbrook but only 2 from Joliet West. It would be close, should it come down to that. But first thing's first-the Bengals this week. I think this will be an entertaining game. Both teams have big-play capability and neither has shown a propensity for playing much defense so I expect a shootout, despite both teams having some offensive issues as well. Special teams could be the key and East has some very good return men. The game will likely come down to who makes fewer mistakes (but I'd expect a few from each side in this one). With a possible playoff berth on the line and the possibility of North and South both being 4-4 when they square off next week, I'll take the Cougars by 6.

    On a side note, I do hope both North and South win this week to set up that showdown next week. I'd love to see that-although I will most definitely be attending the Minooka-Oswego game next week. If the North-South thing plays out, I'll keep my phone handy to check the score often. So good luck to both the Tigers and Cougars this week!

  • Looks like we are same page Adam this week;

    I agree that East and their special teams pose a hazard for the Cougars and they must contain Myles Walters. I heard Jawan Straughter might be out of this game due to an injury. But I'll see if that's the case when I get there. He is a dangerous and tall target for Zamora, so that takes something away from them if true.

    Plainfield Central definitely can win this one and considering Oswego has already clinched a 6A spot and that could actually make them complacent here. Beware! Upset Special?

    Oswego East has nothing to lose here and should go all out - I am also sure that the coaches will have some of their Sophomores in there and they played pretty darn good this year. But North should win just the same.

    Minooka? Bet the house!

    p.s. Playoff points are looking pretty good if North or South win out. South has 32 already and will pull 8 from SPC and at least 4 from Bolingbrook. 44 is a solid number - but again depends on whether it is 7A or 8A.

  • Well...Minooka won but don't let the 52-20 final fool you. This was a 24-20 game late in the 3rd quarter! Minooka led 17-0 at halftime but it seemed as though the Indians were not running their regular offense. Oswego had scouts on hand and the Indians played it pretty close to the vest. VERY conservative. Maybe I'm wrong but I know what I saw...

    The conservative plan looked as if it may backfire when Romeoville climbed within 24-20 late in the 3rd quarter. Minooka was trying some different kids out at DB and safety (probably in anticipation of the aerial circus that Oswego will bring to the table next week) and let's just say a few of them may not have made the grade. Two of Romeoville's 3 scores were the result of sketchy coverage-the other was a long run that Ford broke.

    I saw Oswego won at Central so the showdown for the conference title with Minooka and the Panthers is all set up, as is the big North-South game for a probable playoff bid, thanks to both of those teams winning big this week. Ah, meaningful football in Week 9-I LOVE IT!!!

    I'll say it now-Minooka will beat Oswego and win the conference crown. There will be plenty of points but since both offenses are pretty prolific, it will come down to who can get a stop or two and defensively, I'd give the edge to Minooka all day. As for the North-South game, that's a tough call. I've seen both play once and based upon what I saw, I'd give a VERY slight edge to North. But I'm sure there are a few Cougars who remember the Tigers spoiling their perfect regular season last year in Week 9 so I'm sure South will be out for some payback. And the game is at South, too. I think either way, this is a tight game and whoever wins won't claim victory by more than one score. It is great to have 4 teams with something to play for all squaring off the last week of the season.

    And speaking of something to play for, after falling to Oswego, Central will likely need to beat Romeoville next week and get that 6th win to get in. If they slip up and finish 5-4, they could be on the outside looking in. I think the Wildcats get it done and ride into the playoffs. Then there's Oswego East-Plainfield East. Not much on the line in this game but I'm sure OE doesn't want to go winless in conference play so I'm sure they'll have a thing or two up their sleeve. I don't think it will matter though and I'll take Plainfield East in this one.

    Congrats to the Cougars (and you too, Mike) on a BIG win over P'field East! Big game next week! Good luck!

  • Last point first - thanks for the congrats but hope it is for my kid also named Mike (#65) who did a decent job tonight backing up his #1 Sergio (#77). Sergio played a hell of a game for us and left it all out on the field. Of course you know I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to South and I suppose at times even lose sight of things, although I try hard not to. My passion is the SPC and we have some fine teams this year and I have to agree that the Minooka - Oswego showdown will be a dandy and hinge on who makes a critical stop in that game.

    But I too like Minooka's chances here. They simply have THE team in the SPC, unfortunately we too had THE team last year and as you point out lost at North so things happen and the best team doesn't always win. We had 4 kids ruled out of that North game for disciplinary reasons and that cost us big in my opinion, then again - Kapri Bibbs smoked us on a 77 Yd Option pass in that game and that really was the difference. In the end though it worked out North had the honor of facing Glenbard West instead of us and they got smoked in the 1st Round - go figure huh? We got the lower tier and Bradley-Bourbonnais ( a nice team!) and then Minooka in the rematch in a classic game. I guess the point is that we don't know if it is always good to win the conference or become runner-up? The luck of the draw can be brutal too right?

    I was wondering how Romeoville got 20 points so thanks for explaining. But hey I understand that holding it close to the vest thing - it is a smart move and gives Oswego another element they must prepare for. That game could combine for 100+ points - but I suspect a tighter and more defensive game much like your victory over Quincy last year - so we'll have to see. Oswego and Ryan West will not only throw all night at the Indians, they will use play-action with Mikeel Stewart, Jack Kwiatkowski and Josh Mapalo. Danger!!

    Minooka must force turnovers here! I will take them as prohibitive 1 point favorites as of now.

    And yes I will take South over North - but it will be a close - close - close game. Perhaps 3 points or less?

    Say, I got sucked into working on the chain-gang at East last night because they were short of "home volunteers" and that put me on the Cougar sidelines for the first time this season, (as you know working the chains always puts you on the opposing teams line) so I got a better understanding of the play calling the Cougar staff were employing. I must say there were some interesting things and they could also be useful versus North. At least I hope so (LOL).

    Plainfield Central should wrap their 6th win at Romeoville but if they are too cocky going in, well, the Spartans probably feel pretty darn good about those 20 points they put up vs the Indians and for playing it tight late into the 3rd too. You just never know if there will be an upset here or not?

    Plainfield East should beat Oswego East, but, Jawan Straughter was indeed out of last night's game and he is important part of their offense. Without him it could be a toss up. Plus I don't know if OE called up any of their sophomore players - if not - they should! They have some talent there.

    For the most part though - I pretty much see it the same way you do Adam. Except for South over North in a tight one?

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