Welcome To Prairie State Prep Sports

Welcome To Prairie State Prep Sports

Chicago Now has recently updated the "total experience" of their website and I think it turned out phenomenal, don't you?

I am sure there will be improvements made along the way as well, so please be patient. We bloggers have also had to learn a new platform from which to launch our posts from, so from time to time you may see a few errors as we acclimate ourselves. In the meantime, after reviewing how my earlier posts looked after they were imported, I mad the decision to delete them and start afresh along with the new web space. The majority of those posts were recaps of the 2010-2011 High School Season and have served their usefulness.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to keeping up with the doings in the Southwest Suburban Preps. Although I have a particular bias towards the Southwest Prairie Conference (only because my boy plays sports for Plainfield South), I will be looking beyond just that conference. There are some really good programs in the Southwest Suburban area. However, they are often overlooked by the mainstream sports media unless they are having a boomer season. I believe that all the schools in the area deserve to have their student-athletes recognized.

So as we move forward, if you know of a program and/or an exceptional student-athlete competing in the Southwestern Suburbs, feel free to comment and we will discuss how we can achieve that. If you have scores during the season, you can pass them along here or on the Twitter feed.

From time to time, I use photo images created by Dennis Nelson at SPCREPORT with his permission, however, they will be tagged with the proper copyright credit. Anyone interested in purchasing that image, well. you would need to go through Dennis' site to acquire it.

Last but not least, I am debating whether or not to change the blog name, however, it would not affect the web url, so feel free to save it as a favorite or follow via FaceBook.


Thanks for visiting Prairie State Prep Sports.

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