"I'll try Illinois FCS for $200, Alex"

"I'll try Illinois FCS for $200, Alex"

Both the Illinois FCS programs and Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer are on breaks right now.

With spring practice over and the next camps not scheduled to begin until the heat of summer, the state's four teams have some time away from the field. Meanwhile, Naperville native Holzhauer has a two-week hiatus while a teachers tournament fills the airwaves. He will return to TV May 20 with a string of 22 straight wins and $1,691,008 in winnings.

So, with all this in mind, it's time for a Jeopardy-style version of Prairie State Pigskin. Try your hand at these questions. Answers will be posted tomorrow.


James Holzhauer attended Naperville North High School, home of the Huskies. This Illinois FCS school also has a dog mascot


Illinois FCS head coach often recognized by his famous mustache who led his flock to the 2015 national championship game


The only non-military institution in the nation with permission from the Department of the Navy to use the United States Marine Corps Official seal and mascot


Like Holzhauer, these two Illinois FCS teams have won national championships broadcast on television


This Land of Lincoln university has produced two Super Bowl winning head coaches, two NFL starting quarterbacks, the Chicago Bears GM & an Oscar-winning actor

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