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Incredible Delicious Squash

Incredible Delicious Squash
There has been some really incredible squash this fall.  I discovered varieties that I have never cooked with before. I really like the ones that Genesis Growers is offering. Two of the varieties are Pink Banana and Long of Naples. These squash are really big!  Both of them have an intense color and flavor.  It’s... Read more »

Farm Life - Issue 7

This is a small offering from Vicky of Genesis Growers.  She is so poetic.  I think the pictures she paints with her words are a gift.  and lets not forget the incredible food that she brings to Green City Market. This morning started out so very sweet though, as if to compensate for the mind... Read more »

Farm Life Issue 5

As you know by now I love these entries I get from Vicky at Genesis Growers. Here is the latest installment: Today is a sweet breath of refreshing – cool air, sunshine, blue skies – how much better can it get!   Isn’t it amazing how we need blistering hot days in order to truly... Read more »