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Edible Holiday Gifts - Chef Sarah Style

Edible Holiday Gifts - Chef Sarah Style
I recently was looking at the Wall Street Journal and saw a roundup of gift ideas for the holidays.  It had some fun suggestions including music selection from Mario Batali that he plays in the kitchen while he works. So I thought I would put out there a few ideas of my own to recommend.... Read more »

Incredible Delicious Squash

Incredible Delicious Squash
There has been some really incredible squash this fall.  I discovered varieties that I have never cooked with before. I really like the ones that Genesis Growers is offering. Two of the varieties are Pink Banana and Long of Naples. These squash are really big!  Both of them have an intense color and flavor.  It’s... Read more »

Be Nice to Your Mother

Be nice to your Mother!  We have a really fun spring menu for Mother’s Day.  Just a suggestion but I think it might be a good idea to take her out to celebrate!  

Winter Cooking Demonstration at the Green City Market

Sarah Stegner and George Bumbaris, Winter Vegetable Salad Chefs of Prairie Fire and Prairie Grass Cafe, recently held a cooking demo at Green City Market to highlight winter ingredients that are available at the market. The chefs are featured on YouTube demonstrating and discussing local products like Fresh Pasta from Pasta Puttana with Kilgus Farmstead... Read more »

Not Every Thumb is Green, But Some Are

Two years ago I started a garden in my back yard.  I dug up the whole place and decided I was going to plant every square foot, which I did.  It was a big undertaking, and I needed lots of advice.  I had help from Jeanne Pinsof Nolan, “The Organic Gardener.”  I also got instructions... Read more »

Are you Chicago's Best Amateur Bartender?

As many of you know, every Tuesday night at Prairie Fire we invite a guest behind the bar to raise tips for a charity of their choice. Our in-house mixologist, Dan Sviland coordinates with our guest bartender to make a special cocktail for the evening and we put some food together that pairs with the... Read more »

Prairie Fire Bartender Competition - Top Ten Reasons to Enter

Top Ten Reasons Why You Want To Enter The Prairie Fire Bartender Competition: Ten:  It will be a lot of fun to test out your original cocktail ideas with your friends. Nine: I am really looking forward to trying out the cocktail recipes that you submit for competition. Eight:  You will be helping the local... Read more »

Winter Veggie Salad @greencitymarket thanks to Genesis and 3 Sisters

Local goodness! I love this salad.  But we made a mistake last night at Prairie Fire.  We put “Rutabaga Salad” on the specials card and no one bought it.  I sent it out to a few tables because it is awesome.  It’s got crunch, and so much flavor.  The Beauty Heart Radishes are gorgeous and... Read more »

Chef Sarah Judges GCM Locavole Chef's Challenge

Hot News from the Green City Market Newsletter! Congratulations to Kendall College for winning the 1st Annual Locavore Chef’s Challenge and the first Green City Market Scholarships!Congratulations to Kendall College for winning the 1st Annual Locavore Chef’s Challenge and the first Green City Market Scholarships! Congratulations to Sabrina Martindale and Marco Bahena of Kendall College... Read more »

Farm Life - Issue 7

This is a small offering from Vicky of Genesis Growers.  She is so poetic.  I think the pictures she paints with her words are a gift.  and lets not forget the incredible food that she brings to Green City Market. This morning started out so very sweet though, as if to compensate for the mind... Read more »