Prairie Grass Cafe & Prairie Fire - A Steakhouse?

Prairie Grass Cafe & Prairie Fire - A Steakhouse?

November 29th at 8:00 pm the Discovery 3D Channel "3Net" will air a show called Bloody Good hosted by Mark Schatzker.  Mark came and filmed at Prairie Fire a few weeks back. Both George and I talked to Mark “on air” and cooked him a delicious Ribeye. Some of you may know Mark Schatzker because of his book "STEAK - One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef."  In it he concludes that the best tasting steak is a grass-fed piece of meat.

Prairie Fire was the final part of the show preparing and eating a juicy delicious piece of Grass-fed ribeye from the Tallgrass Beef Company. Bill Kurtis is the owner of the Tallgrass Beef Company and has been a big supporter and friend to us and the restaurants.  We have served his grass-fed beef at Prairie Grass Cafe since he started his company. The reason I buy the beef, and always has been, is the taste of the beef.

Years ago Bill sent me a box of beef and asked me what I thought of it.  I was working at the Ritz Carlton at the time, as the Chef of the Dining Room, it was some of the best beef I had ever eaten.  However, at that time the Tallgrass Beef hadn’t yet started.  I wasn’t able to find a source of consistent supply of fresh meat to the restaurant. I began the learning curve about grass-fed beef. In my never ending search to source the most delicious food for our restaurants Prairie Grass Cafe and Prairie Fire, I was thrilled to find such great meat.

Since then, I went and visited his ranch in Sedan Kansas (which by the way is amazing).  Mark shows some of the ranch in his interview with Bill Kurtis. At both restaurants, I have video of the ranch on the TV screens that Bill’s Camera Crew put together and a painting of an actual prairie Fire that was a “controlled burn” on the ranch. Anyway, it took him a few years to get the company rolling but now there are restaurants and grocery stores that offer the meat. Among the cuts of meat I have chosen to feature are the filet and the ribeye.

If you happen to have a 3D TV screen tape it for me and invite me over! I’ll bring the popcorn…or the beef.

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