Your Mother Would Enjoy a Garden

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A really special treat for Mom this year would be for you to help her set up an
edible garden.  Imagine the fun of fresh tomatoes, squash, and herbs growing
right outside the kitchen, helping Mom provide fresh and tasty meals with her
very own ingredients!  If your thumb is more grey than green, you can always get
help from Jeanne Pinsof Nolan, The Organic Gardener.  She is available to help you plan, plant, and nurture your own edible garden. 
Jeanne is the expert who helps me plant my own garden every year.
Otherwise for Mother's Day, you can take Mom out for Brunch.  Our Brunch got a nice review in Michigan Avenue magazine.  We are all sold out at Prairie Grass Cafe for Brunch, but there are reservations left for Brunch at Prairie Fire, or for Dinner at either restaurant.  Call (312) 382-8300 for Prairie Fire, and (847) 205-4433 for Prairie Grass Cafe.

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