Make a Difference - Help Provide Clean Water


I participate in the UNICEF Tap
every year.  It's easy to forget, when our lives are so
comfortable, that others worry about basic needs like clean drinking
water.  During Chicago Chef Week (March 20
- 26) at both Prairie Fire in Chicago and
Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook we are asking
people to donate a dollar.  The dollars
from both restaurants will join dollars from restaurants all over Chicago and the country
to provide clean water for those who need it. 
In 2011 the Tap Project will specifically target Japan, Togo, the Central
African Republic, and Vietnam. 

a dollar and spreading the word in both restaurants is a simple way for all of
us to make a difference.  As a thank you to donors, anyone who gives a
dollar will be entered into a drawing to receive a $100 Gift Certificate for
Prairie Fire and Prairie Grass Cafe.

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