Know Your Seafood -- I Mean, REALLY Know It

Sea2Table, one of our purveyors of fresh and sustainable

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sent this with there order form below under the title "Happening in the Fisheries."  It is worth reading and it is also worthwhile
to know where your seafood is coming from - something I always make sure we are
doing at the restaurants.


is critical to both fishermen and chefs that diners know the 'who, what, and
where' of the seafood they eat. This week in a Mobile, AL federal court, Karen
Blyth and David Phelps pleaded guilty to 13 felony offenses for their roles in
purchasing and selling farm raised Asian catfish and Lake Victoria perch
falsely labeled as grouper; selling foreign farm-raised shrimp falsely labeled
as US wild caught shrimp, selling shrimp that falsely claimed to be larger,
more expensive shrimp than they actually were; and for buying fish they knew
had been illegally imported into the United States. A third defendant charged
in the case, John Popa of Lisbon,
CT had previously pleaded guilty
to similar offenses. Unfortunately this kind of behavior is more common than we
would hope.

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