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January 17 - 27 I'm making a New Year's
Resolution to eat healthy.  Starting January 17 I'm going to eat a
different healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for each of 10 days. 
You can eat every meal that I am going to eat at Prairie Fire.  We are not
open officially for breakfast but if you want to stop in and sit at the bar for
a healthy breakfast you can join me!  The lunch and dinner items will be
offered as a special with nutritional notes written by Mary Abbot Hess.
 Some of you may know that she is a famous nutritionist and cookbook
author.  She gave me guidance and some helpful hints, which I will share
with you in each menu.  I am going to try to eat healthy,
seasonal food for 10 days.  I am going to try not to cheat, but after
10 days, no promises. 


am also going to work out 5 out of the 10 days for 1 hour with my personal
Trainer Phyllis Theodoropoulus.  If you want her help, she might be able
to slip you in, but not during my 9 am slot.  She trains out of a studio
on the corner of Church and Crawford in Evanston,
IL, and her number is
847-912-9150.  I have been training with her for the last 6 months. 
I have lost inches and I am looking to keep the success going. 
 Please join me in my New Year's Resolution; I need your moral
support.  I can't promise that I will be eating at the time you show up
for your healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if I am here and you are
eating the resolution choice, I will come out and say hello.  If you want to eat all ten days worth of
meals, we will feed you at Prairie Fire for $500.  Here's the menu:

Sarah's Resolution Club 2011.pdf


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  • Good luck, Sarah!

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