Way to early for spring?

I receive e-mails from Vicki a Green City Market farmer.  Her farm is called "Genesis Growers". I have posted some of her comments before.  Vicki is "connected" to the land in a way that is reflective of farm life. 
Here, Vicki is referring to her hoop house.  A structure that tents the earth with a transparent covering. Hoop houses allow the farmers to extend the growing season. She writes "We have now gained almost two hours of day light and the plants are really

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responding. I had planted some crops and they just sat there almost in dormancy through the dark, cloudy days of December and January. First, I noticed a response the days when the sun came out.  Then as each day lengthened, the growth stepped up again.  Of course, this lady farmer counts the increasing minutes day by day. If you ask me on any given day following Dec 22, I can tell you exactly how many minutes we have gained - and on which side of the day, beginning or end.  By market weekend we should have fresh greens (mesclun salad mix and spinach), although I am not sure quantities yet."
I don't know about you but I'm ready for spring.  I want to eat and serve wild watercress, baby radishes crisp, spicy and delicious; tender young greens for fresh spring salads; and beautiful round white baby turnips.  Oh and lets not forget a juicy grilled spring lamb with mint from the garden...

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