A lesson from a homeless man about having enough

This past Thanksgiving week, a close friend of mine told me about her interaction with a homeless man that touched both of our hearts. Every day on her walk to and from her office and parking garage, she passes by the same homeless man.

Last week, she happened to have an extra sandwich from an office luncheon, so she brought it with her to give to this man. She approached him with the sandwich, but to her amazement, he told her that he had already eaten that day.

She pressed him to take the sandwich for later. He said, "No ma'am, I've had enough for today. Please give that sandwich to someone else who needs it today." My friend did just that--she gave the sandwich to the next homeless person that she passed.

The story moved both my friend and me. How often can we say that we have behaved in a similar manner? How often do we put the needs of other strangers ahead of our own wants, needs or desires? I know that there is room for improvement for my behavior in this department.

Oftentimes during the holiday season, "I wants" become "I needs." I hope, however, that we all can stop and think of this homeless man's lesson. There honestly is "enough" of most things to go around once we acknowledge and honor the true meaning of the word.

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