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Another Wrestler Trying to Jump into the Cage

The Bleacher Report along with TMZ have revealed that Dave “The Animal” Bapista is negociating with Strikeforce. The deal however  is not sealed due to ‘sticking points.’  Another WWE top earner is taking a flying leap into the cage to maximize their earning potential, Bapista at 41 is going to experience what real fighting is... Read more »

Hulk Hogan Believes in MMA Model of Business

Hulk Hogan has had a wishy washy opinion of MMA over the years.  But recently in an interview with AOL he spoke the obvious, “MMA is spanking the WWE as far as the pay-per-view stuff.”  Eloquently said I must say. Hogan now admits that Dana White, UFC President, “has done an amazing job, and it’s... Read more »

Another WWE Champion is Cage Bound: Bobby Lashley Fights Jan 30th

It was announced yesterday that Bobby Lashely former WWE heavyweight champion has signed a contract with MMA organization STRIKEFORCE.  Lashley (4-0 MMA) has taken on JBL, The Big Show and John Cena.  However, we will see if his staged combat has really prepared him for thai kicks to the knees and elbows to the head... Read more »

Rumor: WWE Raw Star Shane McMahon May Trade the the Ring for the Cage

Shane McMahon is rumored to leave WEC Raw for the MMA spotlight.   It is not news that he gave his resignation last week to the WWE big wigs, leaving wrestling fans shocked.  McMahon’s father VInce has turned professional wrestling into a billion dollar industry and given himself a reputation as a publicity whore.  Although... Read more »