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Debi Purcell - MMA Professional, Paved Road For All Fighters

Taken from THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER IRVINE – You might want to run if you get caught in a cage with Debi Purcell. Being the recipient of her flying knee pretty much guarantees a ruined day. Purcell is known for being a pioneer in the world of mixed martial arts for women – training alongside... Read more »

Women in Mixed Martial Arts: Fighting for Equality Part II

Ultimate Grappling has recently addressed the state of women in mixed martial arts.  Mainstream news agencies like nbcsports.com and newamericanmedia.org have also recognized women in the sport of  MMA as a newsworthy topic.   In the year 2008, www.fightergirls.com  increased its registered fighters to include over 1000 women.  With this type of growth, it is only... Read more »